You Can Turn Off System Updates With Android N

Part 1: Why People Want to Disable Software Update Notification Android

Many mobile phone users may want to know how to disable Android system notification for any of the reasons listed below.

  • To escape the trouble of having to deal with incessant software update notification: Sometimes the notification to update software may keep recurring and causing a nuisance for mobile phone users. The notifications can keep interrupting users when enjoying games, videos or texting.
  • To keep features intact: Updating software may make some apps you previously use on your device no longer compatible or accessible. If you are not willing to risk losing touch with some of your favourite apps, you may want to disable software update notification. It is also a common experience that after updates, some features on users’ device may begin to malfunction. You can simply disable software notification when you don’t want to update your device.
  • To postpone system update for later: There may be some reasons you may not want to update your device now. This could simply be due to the fact that you love how things are going with your device and you see no reason to update software.
  • To enhance device speed: Update notifications can quickly take up storage space and make devices slower. You may need to remove software update notification before your device can run as fast as it should.


Why do carriers control Android updates?

When a new version of Android is released, the device manufacturer has to take it and adapt their existing customizations to it. They also have to make it work on all their phones, including the carrier-specific variants. This is why many manufacturers haven’t bothered updating many less-popular or older phones.

What is Android system update?

The Android operating system for smartphones and tablets gets periodic system updates just like Apple’s iOS for the iPhone and iPad. These updates are also called firmware updates since they operate on a deeper system level than normal software (app) updates and are designed to control the hardware.

Method 3. Turn Off Notifications for System Updates

The System Update app is what sends you notifications for any OS updates. If you disable the updates for this app on your device, you will no longer get any kind of OS update notifications on your device.

  • Turning off notifications for this app is pretty easy and the following is how you do it.

  • Head to Settings and tap on Apps & notifications.

  • Tap on three dots at the top-right corner and select Show system to show system apps.

  • Find and tap on the app that says System Update.

  • Tap on Notifications and then turn the toggle to the OFF position. It should disable the OS upgrade notifications on your Android device.



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How to Turn Off Auto Updates on Android TV?

If you have a Sony, Sharp, Phillips, or any other brand of smart TVs that run on Android OS, you also have the option to turn off automatic app updates. Here’s how:

  1. From your TV’s home screen, select the “Applications” option and then launch the Play Store app.Select “Settings” followed by “A
  2. Select “Settings” followed by “Auto-update apps.”Disable the settings with your remote.
  3. Disable the settings with your remote.

Part 5: How to Fix Android System Update Problems

ReiBoot for Android is an all-in-one software solution to over 50 mobile phone issues. You can solve booting problems and a lot of mobile device software issues using it. ReiBoot for Android runs on Windows 10 and is able to work with more than 500 different models of Android mobile devices. All that is required to use it is a good USB cable and the ability to follow simple instructions on the user interface.

  • ReiBoot for Android is compatible with almost all Android.
  • Users can choose to use the Free or Paid version of it.
  • It supports multiple phone reboot modes.
  • It comes with an easy user interface, so anyone can use the software.
  • ReiBoot for Android can fix more than 50 Android and iOS issues, including, app crashing, system update issues, message not sent and many others.

How to Use ReiBoot for Android to Fix Systems Update Problems

The steps required fix system update problems or Android disable system update notification using ReiBoot for Android are easy. Below are the steps.

  • Visit Reiboot official website at Tenorshare to download the software on your computer. Once you have downloaded ReiBoot for Android setup, install and run the app.

  • Use a USB cable to connect your Android to the computer via USB debugging mode.
  • Choose “Repair Android System” once you are sure your Android device has been detected by it.

    Pic1.- Click Repair Android System
    Pic1.- Click Repair Android System
  • Select and confirm your device details before you proceed to download firmware.

    Pic2.- Select device info
    Pic2.- Select device info
  • Wait for the firmware to download. This may take a while.
  • After the firmware is successfully downloaded, select “Repair Now” to complete the process.

    Pic3.- Start to repair
    Pic3.- Start to repair

NB: Be sure that your device and your PC are properly connected to guarantee faster and successful fix of system update issues.

Disable Automatic Updates for OS

  • Touch on “Developer options” to see its menu.
  • Scroll through the list and find “Automatic system updates”.
  • If it is enabled, turn it off.
  • If it is disabled, keep it intact.
Disable Automatic Updates OS
Disable Automatic Updates OS

Anytime you can toggle the setting back to enable automatic OS update again.

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How Do I Stop Automatic Updates on Samsung?

If you have a Samsung smartphone, the process for disabling system updates is slightly different. Here's what to do. 

The process for disabling app updates remains the same as above.

  1. On your Samsung phone, tap Settings.

  2. Tap Software update.

  3. Toggle Auto download over Wi-Fi to off.

How to Update Android OS Manually?

The latest updates carry bug fixes and security updates which are essential for the safety of your phone. If you decide to disable the “Automatic system updates”, it is advised to manually update the system regularly. The following is the procedure.

  • Open “Settings” and tap on “System” in the menu.
  • Select “System update” in the following menu.
  • The next screen will show the status of your system. It will show the current version of your Android. If it is already updated, it will display “Your system is up to date”. There is a blue button “Check for update” to check if any new update is available for your system. If an update is available, it will display, and you can update the system.
Update Android OS Manually
Update Android OS Manually

Part II. How to Disable Android OS Update Notification

So if you have finally decided you would not want any OS update notifications on your device, this section has multiple ways for you to do the task on your device. Feel free to use any method that you think is the most convenient for you.

How to turn off updates Android?

One beginning Android user asked me a question: “I had a certain amount of money on a mobile phone account and it melted in a couple of minutes! What happened?” So all the money were withdrawn from the mobile phone account. What is the reason of such a problem? Let’s talk about how to turn off automatic updates Android device today.

First off all you need to decide what updates you want to disable, here is it:

  1. Applications updates
  2. Android OS updates

How to turn off updates Android? How to turn off updates Android?

As I mentioned, the beginning users may not know that the Android applications and games on the smartphone or tablet can be updated (refreshed) without the device owner permission in a background. The worst thing is that you even didn’t want this update for some reason, that’s why it is important to know how to turn off automatic updates.

Applications updating more often, than OS, so if you want to save maximum of traffic – most importent to disable apps updates.