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The Moon in Astrology

The Moon has been known to humans since the earliest days. It has mesmerized people ever since. It was worshipped across all cultures, and most of them connected the Moon with fertility and the female principle.

The Moon is at home in the zodiac sign Cancer, the sign of its rulership. It is in exalted in Taurus. In the chart wheel, the fifth house is associated with Cancer, and the Moon is in accidental dignity when placed in this house.

A strong Moon in the natal chart is one of the best things to have. If your Moon is well-aspected and in a position where it can operate well, you have a lot of inner resources and you can cope well with the challenges of life.

In astrology, the Moon rules:

  • emotions
  • instincts
  • intuition
  • the unconscious
  • women
  • children
  • the female principle
  • deep needs
  • basic urges
  • reactions
  • periodicity

If you want to learn more about the meaning of the Moon in astrology, you can read more about this luminary here.


Moon Opposition Mars Synastry

With the Moon opposition Mars synastry aspect, you probably have a really strong physical and emotional attraction, but the relationship can also be volatile.

You are probably quick to get angry with each other but might also let things go just as quickly. This aspect means that you both react very strongly and can be extremely impulsive.

With the Moon opposition Mars synastry aspect, you struggle to find a compromise. You may feel that you can never see eye to eye. However, you also might have really strong sexual chemistry and can be compatible in the ways that flourish with a bit of fire.

This aspect can bring together two people who are otherwise incompatible, which can actually be a bit dangerous since the strong yet volatile attraction isn’t enough to create a happy relationship.

Both people probably believe that they’re right in just about every area and struggle to compromise.

The Mars person may be the one who fights for what they want, while the Moon person might fight in a more subtle, emotional way or try to mold the Mars person into their ideal partner.

Both the Moon person and the Mars person may walk away from their (frequent) fights with hurt feelings. They each hurt the other when they last out and feel like they’re always on different emotional levels.

The Mars person might feel like the Moon person doesn’t provide a secure, emotional base. In fact, they can almost feel like the Moon person’s emotions are topsy-turvy.

Meanwhile, the Moon may feel that the Mars person never takes action in a way that makes them feel emotionally fulfilled. The Mars person’s actions probably make the Moon person feel insecure most of the time.

The Moon person may also feel that the Mars person is selfish or ignores their needs. Mars might think that the Moon person is just too sensitive, which they tend to ignore.

However, as with any aspect, the Moon opposition Mars synastry relationship can work. Both people must become emotionally mature and learn how to label their feelings so that they can start to understand how the other person feels.

Neither person can understand the other unless they dig deep into their emotions. Their minds function differently, so they must have the want to really understand each other and be willing to change once they do.

February conjunctions

February 2: Moon-Jupiter conjunction

The beginning of February brings us the conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter. On February 2, at 21:08 GMT (4:08 p.m. EST), our natural satellite will pass 4°19′ to the south of the planet. The Moon will be barely visible in the sky as it reached its new phase only a day ago. Jupiter, one of the most noticeable planets in the sky, will have a magnitude of -2.0. Find the space objects in the constellation Aquarius.

February 27: Moon-Venus conjunction

On February 27, 2022, at 6:30 GMT (1:30 a.m. EST), the spectacular conjunction of the Moon (magnitude -10.7) and Venus (-4.6) will occur. The thin, only 13% illuminated lunar disk will pass 8°44′ to the south of the most luminous planet; look for them in the constellation Sagittarius.

The duo will be visible in the pre-dawn sky: as seen from the Northern Hemisphere, Venus climbs above the horizon first, and then the nearly New Moon rises shortly before sunrise. Observation conditions will be better from the southern latitudes — the duo there becomes visible earlier (around 4 a.m. local time), giving observers more time to enjoy the view before sunrise.

February 27: Moon-Mars conjunction

On the same night, spot the Moon and Mars close together. The exact time of the conjunction is February 27, 2022, 09:00 GMT (4:00 a.m. EST); at this moment, the apparent distance between our natural satellite and the Red Planet will be only 3°31′. You’ll find the space objects in the constellation Sagittarius. Although Mars is much dimmer than Venus, it stays within the naked-eye visibility range, shining at a magnitude of 1.3.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, start observations an hour before sunrise. Thus you’ll see Mars, Venus, and the Moon line up in the sky. People from the Southern Hemisphere can see them earlier, at around 4 a.m. local time.

February 28: Moon-Mercury conjunction

On February 28, at 20:07 GMT (3:07 p.m. EST), the Moon and Mercury will meet again. At the moment of conjunction, the apparent distance between the two objects will be 3°43′. Bright Mercury will have a magnitude of -0.1; the Moon will approach its new phase and become almost invisible in the sky. Both celestial bodies will be located in the constellation Capricornus.

February 28: Moon-Saturn conjunction

On February 28, at 23:47 GMT (6:47 p.m. EST), the conjunction of the 6% illuminated Moon and Saturn will occur. They will pass close to each other in the constellation Capricornus, separated by a distance of 4°17′. Saturn will shine a bit dimmer than Mercury — with a magnitude of 0.7.

Saturn has just recently passed solar conjunction and is still located not so far away from the Sun. Observers can currently see it in the pre-dawn hours, low above the horizon. The Moon moving towards its new phase on March 2, also remains close to the Sun and rises shortly before it.

Moon conjunct Mars composite

A composite chart represents the composition of the planetary midpoints of two or more horoscopes, and astrologers typically use it to determine the compatibility of two persons. The goal is to identify the function of a connection.

The composite Moon conjunct composite Mars means that emotions, feelings, and passion are in harmony. This aspect creates raw energy, attraction, and magnetic intensity. These two persons will inexplicably pull each other in, and they will experience otherworldly emotional compatibility.

Because of the intensive qualities of their emotions, they will likely express their feelings creatively. Whatever they choose to communicate, there will be symmetry in how the other partner responds. If one acts or gives aggressively, the other will behave in the same way.

However, the Moon conjunct Mars composite isn’t limited only to passion and sensitivity. The energy pulling them together can be dark just as well.

With the composite Moon conjunct composite Mars, the relationship will, for sure, brim with sexual or emotional attraction. These two individuals are usually that alike in how intense their feelings are that they might use each other to have fun only or escape from everyday worries.

It is not all sunshine and roses. The composite Moon conjunct composite Mars means that both partners are explosive and easily irritable. That means that it won’t take them long before they infuriate each other.

There doesn’t have to be a big reason. The composite Moon conjunct composite Mars couple might even enjoy starting fights over nothing to make the relationship more exciting.

But they can go as far as offending or physically hurting their partner. Their conflicts usually have a sexual finish, which is the part they enjoy the most.

The composite Moon conjunct composite Mars gives a relationship where partners stimulate each other emotionally and sexually.

It is also unlikely that these two ever met before someone who made them feel the same way. There isn’t necessarily a profound mental connection, but the physical chemistry between these two can be that strong that they don’t need more than that.

However, these partners do discuss the issues in their relationship, sometimes even too much. They don’t let things unresolved, but they can spend too much time proving to each other who was wrong and who was right.

Although the composite Moon conjunction composite Mars couple might find arguments exciting early in a relationship, they tend to become exhausting and pointless.

Even though there’s an undeniable passion between these two, the composite Moon conjunct composite Mars couple will have to give their best to form a long-term relationship. They will have to work on not delving into conflicts for too long.

Thus, they should avoid perceiving each other as competition, regardless of how exciting that might be in the beginning.

Mars in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Mars is quite a different ‘fellow’, to say. Associated with the ancient god of war, Greek Ares, Mars in Roman mythology, this planet is also called the ‘bloody planet’, but also the ‘star of strength’.

Greeks did not love Ares as much as Romans loved Mars, since he was considered a cruel, bloodthirsty and violent god, the harbinger of war.

Mars represent the masculine principle. In astrology, matter rules over the spiritual with Mars. Mars is incredibly important for synastry reports, since it represents our animalistic self.

Our chemical attraction, our bodily desires, everything carnal and tangible.

Mars is vital, aggressive, conquering and competitive. It represents raw strength and very direct attraction between partners.

According to mythology, the only one who could soften his raging temper was Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, with whom Mars had many children.

Mars and Venus are especially important to look out for in synastry, especially if they create aspects.

Here we have Moon, which is also of the feminine principle, conjunct Mars. Let us see what it means.

Astrological Aspects in Synastry

One of the most important elements of any astrological interpretation are astrological aspects.

Aspects are contacts between celestial bodies in astrological charts or, in case of synastry, in charts compared. Aspects are, in fact, angles that the planets form.

There are five major astrological aspects; their ideal angels are those of 0 degrees, 30 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees and 180 degrees.

Aspects are called the conjunction, the trine, the sextile, the square and the opposition.

These aspects could be divided into two groups and it is the most common classification, to say so. They could be easy or heavy. Easy aspects are the trine and the sextile and, in them, the energy of the planets involved freely flows.

Heavy aspects are the square and the opposition and, in them, the energy could be restricted, opposed and conflicted. The conjunction aspect is specific, since its nature is ambiguous and it depends on the planets that form the aspect.

Each synastry would probably consist of a mixture of all aspects. No ideal synastry there is, that is, one that presents only with ‘good’ aspects.

If you think about it, you will soon realize the alluring idea of a perfect synastry is actually undesirable, since the relationship would probably lack dynamics, even if the flowing aspects were dynamic by their nature.

We all need a bit of challenging spicy aspects to make things interesting! Speaking of which, let us see what is could be learned about our ambiguous conjunction aspect.

Effect of Combination Of Moon and Mars in 12th House

  • The 12th house represents the end. As it is the last house of the horoscope, it represents the end of the physical journey and the beginning of the spiritual journey. It also signifies self-imprisonment and self-undoing.
  • Herein, the presence of the Moon and Mars makes the native overemotional. They will take decisions by following their hearts. However, they will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. The energy of Mars will keep pushing them to attain more and more luxury throughout their lifetime.
  • These natives will be experts of wars and debates. They will know very well to crush their enemies. Nonetheless, when in trouble, they will not think twice before opting immoral path.
  • They will travel a lot and have a materialistic approach towards everything in life. All in their life, they will want to earn more and more money through any medium.
  • At one point, they will get involved in the wrong acts. Their criminal acts and fraud nature can cause them trouble. They may even have to go to the jail.

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