How To Get Someone To Stop Texting You (9 Effective Ways)

How can you get someone to stop texting you?

You can try to pretend that your phone was lost/stolen, and text that to your over-texter. But they might decide that they don’t care who gets their messages and continue to send them.

You then might decide to give it right back to your texter and bombard them with images of cats. But, with your luck, they’d return the favor and text hundreds of cat pictures back to you, making every day Caturday.

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You can ignore the over-texter, and maybe they’ll eventually stop. If you never respond to their texts, they might take the hint… or your tactic could backfire if they decide they actually enjoy texting you more if it annoys you.

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How to Stop Texting Someone

  • Write it down. Whenever you feel like sending a text, write what you’re feeling on a piece of paper. Maybe it’s “I miss Danielle so much. I really want to see her.” Even if you have to write it a hundred times to yourself, do so, just don’t show it to anyone. Then shred that papers and throw them away.
  • Exercise or play your favorite sport. The old adage is true. Exercise does help. Play some basketball, tennis, or take a kickboxing class to release your emotions, aggressions, and pain.
  • Let an expert advise you. In TextAppeal – For Girls!: The Ultimate Texting Guide, the author gives you specific tips on when to stop texting the person on the other end of your keypad, and how you can use this absence of texting to your dating advantage.
  • Meet up your friends. You might not feel like it, but trying going out with them—to the movies, to the bookstore, to go dancing at a club. Sometimes nothing makes you feel better than being around the people who do want to be around you and communicate with you.
  • Go on a little adventure. Nothing takes you out of yourself and stops you from dwelling on unrequited feelings better than travel. Even if it is just to a city a few hours away, check out some surroundings you have never been to before, and feel your world open up for you again.

In the end, to stop texting someone, realize that people who crush your heart are not worthy of your attention. Spend your time around those that make your life better. And one day that right texter will come along!

Any Questions About How To Get Someone To Stop Texting You?

I hope this was a useful guide that will help you to convince someone to stop texting you. Hopefully, this person will eventually get the message that their contact is unwanted. 

If you have further questions related to how to get someone to stop texting you, ask them in the comments sections below.

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How do you stop someone from texting you without blocking them?

One way is to bluntly tell them to stop texting you. It is one of the most straightforward ways of letting the person know how you feel about getting texts from them. Even though it might not work the first time, it is a first step to letting the person know you are not interested in such conversations.

How do you get someone to stop texting you so much?

Free-flowing conversations sometimes get out of hand. One minute you’re talking about outfits, the next thing you find yourself comparing artists. Keep the conversation on a minimum-reply level. Don’t let conversations grow into other conversations by taking charge of the conversation and only responding to important topics. This way, there’s no room to digress to other topics.

How do you get someone to stop texting you without being rude?

It would be better to let the person know via text because the person will not be able to tell your tone. Also your words matter. It would help to tone it down a little so you don’t come off as rude or snobbish. But the thing is you cannot really tell how this person will receive your message, so, just do your best and leave the rest. 

How do you make someone miss you badly?

Putting up a façade has always been the go-to way of making someone miss you. Posting frequently on social media, uploading clips of you having fun, being chilled and relaxed, and more. Just looking happy while ignoring your target basically does the trick to an extent. Even if they message or call you, sound or act uninterested and you’ve got them hooked.

Is it better to block or ignore? The less inhumane way is ignoring calls and messages, but it is the most difficult. This solely depends on you. If you feel you can ignore without guilt or remorse then fine, but if you value your peace of mind then just block and move on. Just know you don’t owe anyone any explanation for yearning peace of mind.

The Bottom Line

The world of dating is rife with difficulties – which can be made even more difficult with the use of technology. Mobile phones can sometimes make it too easy to contact a person – and too easy for others to contact you when you may not want them to. The key is to be open and honest about your feelings – particularly if you receive unwanted attention. If anything – it’s simply a lot fairer on the man or woman pining for you.