How Much Does a Bench Press Bar Weigh in KG?

Bodyweight to Bench Press Weight Ratio

It stands to reason that the heavier you are, the more weight you should be able to bench press. This is definitely a factor to keep in mind when asking yourself how much the average man can lift. By coupling body weight and exercise experience, you can establish a basis for your own bench press performance.

If the average man over age 20 weighs 197.9 pounds, then the ExRx bench press standards indicate that they should be able to bench press between 135 pounds and 360 pounds. Naturally, the determining factor here is whether you’re an elite athlete or an untrained novice.

Anything Else to Consider?

It’s always a good idea to find out how much the equipment you’re using weighs, as it will make it easier to keep track of your progress.

It goes without saying, but if you are consistently training with the same equipment, then you’ll be able to know exactly how much you are lifting during each session.

If you’re not sure how much your EZ Bar or Olympic Barbell weighs – and there are no scales in sight – then it may be worth asking one of the gym staff, so you can take the weight of the bar into account for future sessions.

As always, you should speak to a certified professional before thinking about making any changes to your workout routine or diet.


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Trap Bar

This bar is also known as a “hex” bar because of its shape, which is a hexagon. This lets you stand in the center of the bar’s hexagon for deadlift training exercises. This bar makes lifting easier on your joints and the handle position allows you to maintain the correct deadlift position, even when training with heavier weights.

Weight: 20.4 k.

Bench press: common mistakes to avoid

  • Poor breathing or no breathing (breathing through the abdomen is important to stabilize the central part of the body).
  • Grip too spaced / narrow (the load becomes too heavy for the triceps or the shoulder, and it is no longer the pectoral muscle that is used).
  • Elbows too far from the body (more than 45 °) – the load on the shoulder joint is too great. This induces a high risk of injury.


In the end, the bar you select will depend heavily on your goals, anatomy, and experience. The type of bar you choose can increase the fun and enjoyment of your workout and assist you in moving through strength plateaus. Remember to consider what type of exercises you will be doing when considering a best weight bench press bar.

Performing the bench press: our tips tricks

It is important to warm up the shoulder girdle (ro

It is important to warm up the shoulder girdle (rotator cuff, tendons, and ligaments) to prevent injuries and for better mobility. We recommend that you perform warm-up sets before the planned exercise sets to gently get closer to the weight planned for your bench press.

Also, keep your head and chin aligned with your neck. Ensure that your head is resting on the bench the entire time of the exercise (this reduces the risk of spinal injury).

Ensure that your feet and heels are well anchored in the ground for better stability

Plan your first sessions with a friend or someone who is already used to this exercise. It is not only more fun, but it also allows you to position yourself better from the start and to be assisted at the start to avoid any risk of injury. 

Your gym partner can see your posture, improve it, or help you with the weights by standing behind you. Remember that technique always comes before performance.

Put it On a Scale

If it comes down to it and you’ve got to know what the exact weight is, find out for sure.

Balance it on a gym scale or bathroom scale and find out for sure. Sure, you might get looks at the gym, but who cares. You’re gaining valuable information. You might even be able to sneak it into the locker room if that’s where the only scale is.

Creating a Home Gym

If you’re putting together a home gym and want to add a weight bench, it doesn’t have to break the bank. You can find a standard weight bench press bar set for sale from Walmart with similar quality as a gym like Planet Fitness.

Unless you’re an experienced lifter, you should never use a bench bar without a spotter. There are too many ways to get injured and if there’s no one there, it could get serious fast.

A spotter can help you safely increase your bench press weight without worry. They can also study your form to ensure you’re lifting properly. While you’re focused on your form, a spotter can keep track of your reps and sets.

If you don’t have a spotter, you can use a power rack instead. This stationary rack will keep your form in check and keep you out of the danger zone.

Don’t have a power rack? Try one of these methods instead:

  • Leave the clips off the bar to allow the weight to slide off one side and then the other when you tilt the bar.
  • Roll the bar down your body until it’s over your legs. Then sit up and pick up the bar.

Either of these methods can be dangerous, especially for beginners, so use them with extreme caution. We still recommend using a spotter or trying out dumbbells or kettlebells instead of the barbell.

What is a Bench Press Bar?

A woman using a bench press bar (Photo: Adobe Stoc

A woman using a bench press bar (Photo: Adobe Stock)

So, now it’s time to move on to the old tried-and-trusted Bench Press Bar.

Also known as the standard barbell, this is one of the most popular pieces of equipement in most gyms.

Olympic Barbells are used for a number of different exercises, ranging from the Bench Press, to Deadlifts and Squats.

The bar is made so that weights can be added to each end and locked on securely to step up the resistance.

If you do choose to add weight plates to your bar, it’s important to make sure that it is even on both sides, and that the weight plates are locked into place securely.

So, now that we’ve taken a closer look at Bench Press Bars, it’s time to find out how much they weigh.

How Do You Obtain The Total Press Weight?

Calculating your total press weight is important. It lets you know your weightlifting limits, and whether you can break new records. So, how do you calculate these values?

It is very simple: add the weight of the barbell that you are working with to the weight of the weight plates. For example, you might be lifting 100 pounds of weight plates using a 45-pound press bar. In this case, your total press weight is 145 pounds.

When weightlifting, be sure to observe safety concerns. You can weightlift under the guidance of a professional personal trainer. Your safety comes first in whatever you do and weightlifting is no exception!

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How Much Weight Should a Beginner Bench Press?

Starting as a beginner, the bench press weight will differ for everyone, male or female. If you’ve never done this exercise before or used a weight bench, there’s really only one way to start out. That’s with the bar itself, with no weight on it.

No need to feel embarrassed lifting just the weight of the bench press bar. Even advanced lifters will lift the bar alone for a rep or two to get in the groove before adding weight.

You’re not going to the gym to show off how strong you are. You’re going to the gym to lift weights and get stronger. 

Performing bench press with dumbbells
Performing bench press with dumbbells

Don’t forget, the bar by itself weighs at least 44-45 pounds. You may find that once you start performing the bench press, even the bar alone is too heavy for you.

If this is the case, then you should find a smaller and lighter bar or use dumbbells instead. If you’re working out at home, you could also grab a lighter “bar” to practice bench press form:

  • A broomstick
  • Mop handle
  • Long PVC pipe or wooden dowel

While these objects are only a few pounds, they can get you ready to lift a standard bench press bar. Plus, you can do this at home with no one around, just you and a mirror or camera to check form.

Once you’re able to lift over 50 pounds (45-pound bar plus a 2.5-pound weight on each end), you’re ready for the bar.

Even if the empty bar feels light to you, it’s still a good idea to start out lifting just the bar. This way, you can focus on form and technique before you add any weight. There’s no point in lifting heavy if you can’t do it properly.

Standard Barbells

A “standard” bench press barbell is a type made only in the US and not for international or competition purposes. These are made for beginners at home because of the weaker steel. Mainly they’re bought in the cheapest possible barbell set for kids and beginners whose dedication to continuing to lift heavier weights is questionable.

The entire barbell, from the middle shaft to the ends, is 1″ diameter. The ends may or may not be threaded to take spin-lock collars to hold weight plates on.

A “standard” type bar, as indicated by
A “standard” type bar, as indicated by the ends of the bar that are 1″ thick just like the shaft.

They also are lighter in weight. A standard barbell could weigh around 13 lbs (5ft long) to 19 lbs (7ft long). This will vary between brands.

That’s all I’m going to say in this post about standard 1″ barbells. It’s a crapshoot. You just have to weigh it if you really want to know.

For other considerations with olympic barbells, read on…

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