Dealing With Mortality in the Gaming Community

Accepting reality

Coming to terms with our mortality is a challenge faced by us all. But accepting death can be hugely problematic. We each have to find our own way to process the reality of dying. But faith can help, as can taking a practical approach.

For example, accepting that life has a finite span focuses the attention, enabling us to take stock of our lives and think about the possibilities still ahead. We may ask ourselves searching questions, such as what impact do we want to make on the world? And what do we want our legacy to be?


Emotional and spiritual work

Beyond the practical there is emotional and spiritual work to be done to come to terms with the inevitability of death. Thinking about your life ending can be anxiety provoking, so make time for periods of calm, contemplative reflection. This time should help you to see things more clearly, making it easier to take the necessary steps toward living the best version of your life.

8. Explore Death

Getting intimately familiar with death can help you overcome some of your fears toward it. You can get closer to death by volunteering at a local hospice care facility, visiting the sick and dying at a hospital near you, or by becoming a death doula — one who helps in the transitioning from life to death.

Spending time in this environment may allow you to see the other side of death — how beautiful it can be when seen through the eyes of compassion. For many, death brings an end to suffering. When you witness the joy of someone waiting for death to come, you’ll understand that death is a source of comfort for those who are suffering a slow and painful death. 

Living with Mortality

Accepting and preparing for your death allows you to live your life more fully. Freeing yourself from the fear of death opens up the possibilities of taking life to the next level and experiencing it in ways you have only dreamed about being possible.