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The Changing Face of Clean

The televised Gaffigan shares some similarities with his real-life self. Both are Catholic—though on TV, Gaffigan seems less than fully committed to his faith. Both seem to be happily married, more or less, even if his TV wife has to put up with a lot of irresponsible behavior from, ahem, her better half. Both serve as father to five kids. And both have a reputation for “clean” comedy.

“In full disclosure, I did curse occasionally,” Mr. Gaffigan told The Wall Street Journal about his early stand-up days. “But I felt like I wasn’t done writing the joke if I was relying on a curse word. It’s like, we’re all adults here, and some of my favorite comedians are really filthy. But I’m an eccentric observation guy. If you’re talking about mini muffins, is it really necessary to say f—?”

A Catholic, critically acclaimed, clean comedian starring in his own television sitcom? Sounds promising, right? Well, hold Bob Newhart’s phone there, mister. Gaffigan is a stand-up comedian and may well be a stand-up guy. But his show sometimes falls down on the job.


Here are the best highlights of Jim Gaffigan’s career: 

  • Jim Gaffigan: King Baby (Stand Up, 2009)
  • American Dreamer (Movie, 2018) 
  • Being Frank (Movie, 2018) 
  • Troop Zero (Movie, 2019) 
  • Tesla (Movie, 2020) 


1 Life Lesson From Jim Gaffigan

Now that you know all about Jim Gaffigan’s net worth, and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at one of his best lesson that we can learn from him: 


1. False Perception 

Jim Gaffigan means that there is a false perception that comedians can never be serious. It’s like from like the era of court jesters. 


Episode Reviews

The Jim Gaffigan Show: July 3, 2016 “The List”

Jim is left off a blogger’s list of the best comedians in New York City—an exclusion he says doesn’t bother him. But soon, Jim’s diving deeply into the city’s alt-comic scene in the hope of proving himself to the blogger.

The episode pokes fun at Jim’s own mainstream persona (one fan says, “You’re my grandpa’s favorite comedian!”) as well as the weirdness of the city’s supposed underground comedian circuit. After finishing a comic set at the über-hip club Jeffy’s (actually Jeffy’s living room), Jim plays the house’s “second room”: A bathroom where three people wait to be entertained while sitting (clothed) in a bathtub. At another club, the emcee introducing Jim tells the audience, uncertainly, “Our next comedian identifies as male …” ribbing the culture on its accommodations regarding gender fluidity.

Meanwhile, Jim’s wife is on the hunt for the blogger who left Jim off the list. She imagines him as what she calls a “lumber douche,” a bearded, plaid-wearing hipster with stickers all over his laptop. When she finds a man who fits this description, she walks over and gives him a scathing dressing down. When she leaves, the audience learns that the man is actually a Russian immigrant who didn’t understand a word she said.

Characters drink wine and beer. Cocktails sit in front of comedy club patrons. Disparaging comments are made concerning various New York neighborhoods. We hear “p-ss” and “bullcrap.” Someone’s stepfather is referred to as a “tool.”

The Jim Gaffigan Show – July 22, 2015: “Super Great Daddy Day”

Jim gets some unexpected time off and promises his kids it’ll be a “super great daddy day”—but quickly winds up in his own bedroom sanctuary, watching TV and eating a Fudgsicle. So Jeannie sends him on a few family errands: turning in one of the kid’s birth certificates for confirmation class at church, submitting an application for a hoity-toity private school and delivering a batch of vegan cupcakes to a preschool. But when the teacher unexpectedly gives Jim a picture his son drew of Jim’s penis—and he gets said picture mixed up with the other papers—embarrassment ensues.

A great many jokes are made about the picture and Jim’s aforementioned anatomical part. (We also hear how another student at the school drew her vagina.) In the end, the drawing eventually shows up on a Catholic church bulletin. (We never see the image.)

Jim covers for the philandering of his juvenile friend, Dave, telling a woman that the other woman Dave was with at a nightclub was really Jim’s girlfriend. To cover up that lie, Jim agrees with the lie that his wife is always drunk and beats him. Jim is confronted by a man and, later, the man’s wife, who accuse him of calling her a fat “whore” and “b–ch” at one of his performances. Jim says that’s impossible, given his reputation as a clean comedian, but to no avail: Jeannie and the woman get into a physical altercation that also prompts the use of the word “a–.” Characters use God’s name inappropriately a couple of times. Jim “steals” his kid’s Fudgsicle and fudges the truth frequently—including about how often he goes to church when confronted by the priest. He lounges around in his boxers.

People also think he looks like a baby

Others say that Jim Gaffigan actually looks like a baby, and people are always sending him photos of babies on social media.

People often say that knees look like baby faces, so the kneecap joke and the baby joke are kind of intertwined.

Thankfully, Jim doesn’t appear to be too bothered that people think he looks like weird things.

He is a comedian after all, so I guess he just takes it on the chin.

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This content could not be loaded So In summary, I look like every white animal, all dorky blonde guys and most babies. — Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 6, 2017