12 Car Essentials For New Drivers

Cell Phone and Charger

This is where it all begins.  As much as we hate our teenagers with their faces glued to a device, I wouldn’t let him drive around without one.  They are an essential tool in being prepared and staying safe.  From getting directions to calling you if something should go wrong a cell phone is a perfect tool. It also helps you to keep tabs on them.   So make sure that they have a reliable phone on a good plan. A cell phone is an absolute essential

A cell phone is only good, however, if it is charged up.  In addition to the phone make sure that he or she has a battery pack or charger that stays in the car.  We bought a battery pack several years ago for the hurricane season.  As long as it is charged up it will charge our cell phones several time before needing to be charged itself.  The battery packs are also nice because they operate independently of the car’s electrical system.  

A standard charger is no good if your battery is dead.  Either way though, make sure that your new driver has at least one of these in his or her vehicle.


Warm clothes/shoes

If you get stranded in your car for an extended period of time in the winter, things can get cold very quickly. Being stuck out in the elements can also increase the risk of hypothermia.

This is why you want to keep warm jackets and trousers in the car, along with some strong shoes or boots in case you need to walk to get help.

Ice scraper/ de-icer

Driving with your windows frozen over is not only dangerous, it’s illegal too. Keeping a scraper and a can of de-icer in the car will provide a much faster way of removing frost than waiting for the heater to melt it.

A scraper with a brush on the other end is handy as well for brushing snow off the car before setting off. Driving with excess snow on the car is a hazard to other road users as there’s a risk of it blowing off onto the windscreen of the car behind you.

20. Tissue Box Holder

You’re likely to spill coffee, soda, or some other substance into your car one way or another. Or it would be nice to quickly reach out for Kleenex if you’re in a relationship and any heart-to-heart conversation gets out of control. You can place the tissue box between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat on your sun visor, on your car’s headrest, or even on top of the box. Get Tissue Box Holder On Amazon.

Final Verdict

You do not need every single car gadget and accessory we described. Besides, buying them all at once would be too costly. Only evaluate the type of driving you do regularly and look at the possible emergencies you can face on the roads on which you drive often.

Of course, you’ll need to look at more important car accessories that are included in the above list, whether you’re heading cross-country, or you’re doing a summer road trip. Security is your number one priority if you’re traveling with your family.

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9. Parking Sensors/Camera

Get a parking sensor to help you understand whether you’re dangerously close to a wall or another vehicle. Newer car models have parking sensors built-in. But backing up into the wall of a parking garage may prove to be a challenge for older cars.

If you’re not careful, you might just get back into the wall and cause your bumper some harm. Or worse, you might end up damaging the car of someone else. Get More Parking Sensors On Amazon.

Car Window Shade

It’s important to protect your baby from the rays of the sun with a car window shade. A great quality window shade should protect the baby from ultraviolet rays, cut the glare and help maintain a cool temperature inside the vehicle. Make sure to select a shade that will fit the type of vehicle you have. There are larger sized window shades made specifically for trucks and SUVs.

Top10Essential Car Accessories

« Gear Lock – Whatever Advanced Computerised Security System like Immobilizer, Anti Theft Alarm System, CCTV Camera, GPS Tracker are there in your car, but if its without Gear Lock – you are Risking your Car 2 Times. Gear Lock comes as the Fore Front and is the first and foremost accessory for securing your car if you have Manual Transmission one. 

Available as U Type or Pin Type Gear Lock. Be assured that all Modern age Computerised Security System like Immobiser, Alarm can be breached in matter of seconds, but breaking Gear Lock requires lot of time and physical energy which makes task lot difficult for Thiefs and chances are that your car will be spared if have this Useful Rs 2000 Worth Gear Lock saving several Lakhs of your hard earned money.

» Cabin AC Pollen Filter: Some of the Entry, » Cabin AC Pollen Filter: Some of the Entry,

» Cabin AC Pollen Filter: Some of the Entry, Mid Hatchback and even some Compact Sedan Cars are still sold without AC Pollen Filter in 2022. A Car Cabin AC Filter Traps in Pollen Dust, bacteria and exhaust gases and enhances effectiveness and cooling of Car AC System on Longer term.

Not only it delivers clean air but even enhanced AC Cooling and AirCon Compressor Life. So, check your Owner Manual or speak to Dealer Showroom – if AC Pollen Filter is not there then have it fitted as accessory. Cost Rs 350 to 650. Life Span of around 10,000 Kms – when it calls for replacement. Know details on – Cabin AC Filter

» Headlight Upgrade: Almost every Vehicle Owner Fa

» Headlight Upgrade: Almost every Vehicle Owner Faces an Issue in terms of Headlight Brightness. This is due to fact of basic Haolgen Bulbs of 60W or 65W been Installed in Car having very average brightness in night.

If your Car is not equipped with LED or HID Projectors then is pretty Important to upgrade in Car Headlight with 

  • Simple Plug and Play Halogen Bulbs which comes with Improved Filament Design like Philips Racing Vision or Osram Night Breaker Unlimited. No Warranty will be impacted. Cost just Rs 1500 for Pair of 2 Bulbs. Both Brands Philips or Osram are of International Repute and can go ahead
  • or Upgrade by choosing in with LED Bulbs which are Plug and Play.

For your Convenience

1. Philips Racing Vision (upgrade bulbs over Xtreme Vision) – 

2. Osram Night Breaker –   

or if seek Upgrade in form of Plug and Play LED Bu

or if seek Upgrade in form of Plug and Play LED Bulbs refer this Video


« Tyre Inflator – A must for every car. Not only can track in exact tyre pressure psi for your car before commencing your long trip, can fill tyre pressure to optimal range too on weekly to fortnight basis in seconds and have your car tyres give best life if maintained with accurate tyre pressure

Also, With possibility of puncture, you will never be stranded on road (as long as tyre is not burst). A Puncture tyre can be refilled using this tyre inflator, been air will deflate very slowly – can drive in for few kms to reach nearby puncture shop for repair of puncture tyre.

We checked and Tested Michelin Digital Tyre Inflator, a Fantastic Product

available in Single Barrel and Double Barrel. To b

available in Single Barrel and Double Barrel. To be note that its Manual and you need to press barrel up and down through your Foot, but as against Automatic one – consider it to be highly reliable and will offer long lasting peace of mind ownership.

Will even recommend, that if you have Tyre Inflator – you do not need to spend high amount for separate Tyre Pressure Monitoring System as it comes with Sensors and is a task to fit in TPMS and then change sensor after a year.

Strongly Recommended cost in range of Rs 2000 to 2500


« Rear View Camera – Feel like no need to Strain your Head while Reversing the Car. Need a Camera. Reverse Camera will cost in between Rs 3000 to Rs 7000 – basis functionality, Color Clarity and is an add on feature with Parking Sensor. Note: Rear View Camera has only a Camera, Sensors may well be required in form of Parking Sensors along with it.

However, its recommended to use one which comes with fitment visibility on IRVM Mirror along with Gridlines for directional Movement as thats the best position for eyes while reversing Car. It can cost in range of Rs 5000 onwards

» DashCam (DVR - Digital Video Recorder) -&nb

» DashCam (DVR – Digital Video Recorder) – Dash Camera are what an important safety feature and records On road drive. A Device which can record Footage on the go and can prove very handy

  • In Event of Road Accidents
  • In Event of any Mishap on Road
  • Proven in Court of Law as location coordinates are shared
  • Use to Capture any Violation if you feel done by Other Motorist or Deal with Traffic Police 

It can prove to be an important footage while driving the car on road and can prove handy in some critical situation. Go with one which comes with Geo-location, Inbuilt feature wherein the Car recording should automatically move to Cloud Data, so that one can have previous recordings saved in, Else in case of mis-hap the car memory data if corrupted in case of accident would serve no purpose.

Although Transcend is pretty good but An Excellent Choice basis User Feedback and Price Competitive Market in Dashcam is 70 Mai Pro Plus DashCam which cost Rs 8000 or an advanced version which is Dual Channel Dash Cam which cost Rs 10500 approx

« Mobile Charger, Car Mobile Mount - If

« Mobile Charger, Car Mobile Mount – If your Car is not equipped with Live Navigation in form of Android Auto, Apple Car Play. Do not miss a Good Mobile Charger along with Car Mobile Mount to use it to mount your Mobile Phone when you use it for Google Maps Navigation. Avoid Cheap Chinese Made Mobile Mount. Go with branded Zaap, Taag or reputed one as leader in Mobile Mount whose Holder remains affixed in most of Weather conditions

Highly Recommended is this Essential Pack which ra

Highly Recommended is this Essential Pack which ranges from Rs 6500 to 10000 – basis Brand, Type available in all Hatch, Mid Sedan Cars

Handheld Vacuum

Having a handheld vacuum in the car can help eliminate dirt, spills and crumbs. Let’s face it. Kids can make a mess wherever they are. Choose a compact vacuum that is easy accessible for you to do a quick cleanup. Make sure it has a good suction power to ensure you don’t need to go over it with wipes or a brush.