SLPT how to sneak food into the movies

“Okay, but what if I get caught?”

What if someone does care? What if Jujube sales have been conspicuously low for two months, and the district manager is breathing down the manager’s neck, so she sends the assistant manager out to rip the tickets to show the new-hires how to catch candy-smugglers? Well:Don’t stress about it. Sneaking food into a theater isn’t illegal, so the worst that could happen is a little embarrassment. They could kick you out, but they’d probably just make you take your snack back to the car, or toss it out, or hold onto it until the movie is over. It’s all very low-stakes.Lie. If you’re confronted by an overzealous employee offended at the presence of the Snickers bar hanging out of your pocket, try saying, “I’m diabetic.” Or “I have extreme allergies.” Say it with friendly confidence while looking them in the eye, and offer no further explanation. Even if what you say it isn’t an explanation or doesn’t entirely make sense, chances are very good the movie theater employees will just wave you through anyway, if only to avoid an unpleasant conversation about your medical condition.Again, don’t be an asshole. This rule actually applies to all interactions with service employees (and everyone else) at almost all times.



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  • Zamiah Holert

Jan 8

    Zamiah Holert Jan 8

    “So I had popcorn bucket and put candy in it and put popcorn over it. Suspected nothing, I’m the sneak master!”

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