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How to Play MASH – Mansion Apartment Shack House

Here’s how you play MASH Choose the story categories. First, choose the categories that will make up your final story. The number of categories… Draw a spiral to determine the “magic number“. Tell the other person to close their eyes while you draw a spiral (from… Count each of the category …

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How to play MASH

Ok, the MASH game is a fun fortune telling game that predicts your future by narrowing down options you choose. MASH is an acronym that stands for: mansion, apartment, shack, house. These are your options for where you’re going to live.

You also fill in 4 options for each of the following categories:

  • Where you will live
  • Who your spouse will be
  • What your job will be
  • Number of children you’ll have
  • What type of car you’ll drive

These are the categories we used most often when we played as kids, so that’s what I’ve included on the game sheet. However, you can play without the game sheet and include whatever categories you’d like. The unwritten rule was always that at least one option in each category has to be pretty awful, ‘cuz half the fun is finding out you’re gonna be stuck married to The Hulk (just remind kids not to be mean about real people that they know).

MASH – English ESL Worksheets for distance learning and

A worksheet for Japanese students to learn to play MASH. “MASH” stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House.This is a “fortune-telling” game that goes like this: 1) Students fill in the categories. 2) A partner begins drawing a swirl in the center box. 3) The other student says “stop” and then the lines on the swirl are counted to decide the “magic number”. 4) Using the magic number, count …

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