How to Wash a Backpack in 5 Simple Steps (All Types of Backpacks)

Find out how to machine wash your backpack

Sure, you possibly can put your backpack in a washer supplied the directions on the care label say you possibly can. When you’ve got a nylon or polyester backpack, it may be cleaned within the machine on a mild cycle, with non-bleach detergent and stain remover to deal with spots. Wash it solo, not with a full load of garments — if you do not have a big mesh laundry bag, you possibly can put it inside an previous pillowcase first to assist include the straps. “Nonetheless, even when the material is machine-washable, doing so might trigger some backpacks to lose form,” notes Carolyn Forte, Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab. So use the shortest, gentlest cycle your machine gives.

You do not need to tumble dry the backpack, as that may harm it. As an alternative, skip the dryer and use a clear dry towel to blot the inside and exterior properly, then hold it the wrong way up to air dry, ideally in a spot with good air circulation.

Issues to Get You Began

Though some daypacks may be washed in a washer, this isn’t advisable and may harm not solely the backpack but in addition the washer.

Really, on probably the most care labels, it’s wired that the backpack ought to by no means be washed in a washer – particularly if it’s a big backpack. Nonetheless, some backpacks may be washed in a washer – when you’re in a rush.

That’s why you’ll need some cleaning m

That’s why you’ll want some cleansing supplies and instruments – not particular ones that must be purchased, however some that you simply actually have in your house. Right here’s a brief record of those cleansing merchandise that may make it easier to preserve your backpack clear with out damaging the materials.

  • Cleaning soap – ideally unscented and it must be with out detergent. Essentially the most applicable soaps for this type of materials are the citadel soaps that won’t have an effect on the waterproofing of the supplies.
  • Particular washing liquids – these usually are not vital, however actually recommendable if you’re an outside lover. These washing liquids are made particularly for waterproof supplies and don’t have an effect on the material’s efficiency. They’re typically used for jackets and pants however are additionally an ideal match to your backpack.
  • Clear sponge or washcloth – these are used for spot-cleaning and can help you take the entire dust and mud of your backpack with out damaging the fabric.
  • Toothbrush or smooth (not stiff) brush –  with the toothbrush you possibly can scrub the soiled spots and likewise the entire backpack. These supplies received’t have an effect on or harm the backpack’s efficiency and will definitely clear it properly.



A damaged backpack is of no use, particularly if there are holes and damaged zippers that allow contents fall out of the bag. Inside pocket rips may be mended with a needle and thread when you can attain the tear, which is often on a seam. Repair exterior mesh pocket tears with related material patches, which can make the pocket purposeful once more.

Relying on the design of the straps, damaged ones may be fastened. If the strap goes via a buckle, you may want to chop down the strap and use an anvil to create one other gap for the buckle. If a strap, zipper, or buckle wants alternative and the material is just too robust to stitch via with a needle and thread, seek the advice of a shoe repair skilled who additionally has the proper instruments to repair purses. Earlier than changing a zipper, see if pliers can repair bent tooth or a distorted slider.

5 Steps to Wash Plush Backpack

Step 1: Begin with Floor Washing

Begin with cleansing the Plush Backpack utilizing a water-dampened fabric. Then, use a stiff brush to wash the undesirable hair or dust connected to the bag. It will likely be simpler if the comb has large plastic bristles. In case of the stuffed animal backpack, be sure that to fluff its fur diligently. After that, wipe and brush with mild detergent or cleaner made for Plush materials.

Step 2: If It Doesn’t Work, Take into account Machine Washing

If there’s nonetheless stains left after the floor washing, then it is best to take into account machine washing. However you could examine the producer’s advice whether or not you possibly can machine wash or not earlier than taking this resolution.

Step 3: Place Plush Backpack in Mesh Bag

After figuring out your Plush Backpack may be machine washed, put it in a laundry mesh bag earlier than putting it in a washer to provide safety from being pummeled or snagged within the machine.

Step 4: Light/Delicate Cycle Clear in Washing Machine

Choose a mild/delicate cycle within the washer, and place the mesh bag packed Plush backpack within the washer. Don’t overlook to make use of mild detergent in water.

Step 5: Drying Strategies

In the event you air-dry your Plush Bag hanging on window or clothesline, then it’ll be an awesome drying technique, however it might take some days, and there’s an opportunity of mildew. You may as well strive putting the Plush bag close to a dehumidifier; it’ll make the drying course of sooner.

Materials: Plush

Backpack Class Contains:

  • Plush Backpack
  • Stuffed Animal Backpack
  • 3D Plush Backpack
  • Cosplay Backpack
  • Kawaii Plush Backpack
  • Plush Animal Backpack

Find out how to dry a backpack after washing it within the machine

After you have washed your backpack within the machine, it is very important dry it correctly. A technique to do that is to hold it up exterior within the solar. The warmth from the solar will assist to dry out the backpack shortly. You may as well put it in a sunny spot inside your home.

Another choice is to make use of a hair dryer to dry it. Be sure you level the hairdryer on the backpack and never instantly at it, or it’s possible you’ll harm the fabric. As soon as the backpack is totally dry, retailer it in a spot the place will probably be protected from moisture.

Find out how to Hand Wash a Backpack

In case your backpack is just too giant to slot in the washer, you possibly can clear it by hand within the bathtub. Smaller backpacks may slot in a sink or basin. All the time examine the label to ensure the bag may be totally submerged.

1. Empty your backpack, checking all pockets and corners for any small objects or dust which may be lodged. In case your backpack has a metallic body, take away this earlier than washing.

2. Fill a shower or basin with loads of lukewarm water. If the water is just too sizzling it will possibly trigger the backpack’s colours to run.

3. Add a small quantity of mild detergent that’s appropriate for backpacks, this must be perfume and dye free. Utilizing a harsh detergent or material softener might harm the fabric of the rucksack, our Wash N Proof  is a good alternative if you’re uncertain whether or not your common detergent is mild sufficient.

4. Scrub your backpack utilizing a smooth brush or a fabric, specializing in the areas which might be significantly soiled. A toothbrush may be helpful for any robust stains or for entering into these troublesome to succeed in areas.

5. Enable the backpack to dry naturally. Attempt to hold the backpack the wrong way up if potential, and ensure it’s 100% dry earlier than storing it away.

In case your backpack isn’t machine cleanable or can’t be totally submerged, you should use a moist fabric with a small quantity of detergent-free cleaning soap.

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5 Steps to Wash Denim, Cotton, Vegan, Cordura, Oxford, EVA, Twill Weave, and Canvas Backpack

Step 1: Use a Pillowcase to Put the Bag in It

All Denim, Cotton, and Canvas backpack, particularly denim backpacks, are liable to bleeding. Due to this fact, it’s essential to use a pillowcase and put the empty backpack in it for placing it within the washer. Shut the opening of the pillowcase with cotton string.

Step 2: Use Chilly Water to Wash

As Cotton is liable to shrinking, it’s higher to make use of chilly water for laundry for all these backpack classes. Subsequent, combine some washing detergent and shampoo within the chilly water, and put together the cleansing liquid.

Step 3: Take Particular Care in Stained Space

To clean the stained space, you’ll want a moist washcloth, some cleaning soap, and chilly water. Wipe the backpack with cleaning soap in round motions, making certain that the stains are out as you go. For the cussed stains, you should use some alcohol. Rinse the backpack within the chilly water, lastly, or put it into the washer for the ultimate wash.

Step 4: Give Time to Dry

As soon as completely cleaned, we advocate that your Denim, Cotton, or Canvas backpacks be air-dried. Denim will take an extended time to dry, so higher hold it for tumble air dry and provides a while. However, don’t dry these within the dryer, these backpacks supplies may shrink.

Step 5: Iron the Bag Fastidiously 

To provide your backpack the right new look, iron the bag in a light warmth, in order that there aren’t any traces of folding or wrinkles. After the iron, your backpack will appear to be a brand new one.

Materials: Denim, Cotton, Vegan, Twill Weave, Canvas

Backpack Class Contains:

  • Denim Backpack
  • Cotton Backpack
  • Canvas Backpack
  • Cotton Denim Backpack
  • Cotton Canvas Backpack
  • Smooth Polyester Cotton Backpack
  • Lyndon Backpack
  • Vegan Backpack
  • Cordura Backpack
  • Oxford Backpack
  • Waterproof Oxford Backpack
  • EVA Backpack
  • Twill Polyester Backpack
  • Twill Cloth Backpack

Know the distinction – Washing vs. Cleansing

Cleansing the backpack is one thing that must be achieved extra typically – after each hike or out of doors coaching a lightweight cleansing ought to observe. The sunshine cleansing doesn’t take a variety of time and it helps you retain your tools and backpack clear. Merely seize a moist fabric and scrub the soiled spots, after which depart the backpack to air dry.

On the other hand, deep cleaning is advisable only

However, deep cleansing is advisable solely after a protracted hike which lasted greater than 4 or 5 days. Any such cleansing consists of washing the backpack with heat water – so it additionally shouldn’t be carried out too typically.

Are Herschel luggage price it?

They don’t seem to be definitely worth the cash. What you pay for the retail, you would be pissed when you knew how a lot their preliminary value to make. Save your self, avoid wasting cash, pay for a greater backpack with higher high quality across the identical value vary, longer lasting supplies that may final you.

Is it protected to place a backpack within the washer?

The reply to this query depends upon the backpack and the washer. When you’ve got a fragile or costly backpack, it’s most likely greatest handy wash it. Nonetheless, when you’ve got a sturdy backpack that may deal with just a little put on and tear, then washing it within the machine must be advantageous. Simply be sure that to learn the care directions first.

In the event you do determine to machine wash your backpack, put it in a mesh laundry bag to guard it from getting snagged on different objects within the load. Use a light detergent and set the machine to a mild cycle. Dangle your backpack as much as dry when it’s completed. Don’t put it within the dryer, as this will harm the backpack.

Preserve Your Backpack Clear

To forestall the necessity for frequent washing, take a look at these merchandise which can make it easier to preserve your bag contemporary!

Our backpack covers assist defend your belongings and bag from the rain, which might trigger mould to construct up if it isn’t dried correctly.

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