How to Hyperlink in Google Docs on Desktop or Mobile

Yes, it’s possible by creating bookmarks

For this

  • Click onto the desired section and go on Insert -> Bookmark
  • The URL shown in the Url address bar will change to
  • This is the bookmark URL that you can use to jump directly to the correct section of the document


Google docs link within document

Now, let us explorer on Google docs link within document.

Links are not always meant to take outside of the Google Doc. You can also link one part of your document to another, and jump to any part of the document you wish using headings and bookmarks.

Adding link to a heading

Headings are often used to represent an individual section in a Google Doc. Thus it’s obvious that they can be used to link to any other section within a document. This can be done at rocket speed in a few simple steps as follows,

How to link a heading within Google Docs

Step 1: Open Google Docs in the browser of your choice. 

Note: If you aren’t logged in already, Google will prompt you to login with your credentials to continue working with. 

Step 2: Open the document you are currently working with. (to which you want to add hyperlinks)

Step 3: Scan through the text and place the cursor before the word to which you wish to add a link. 

Step 4: Highlight the text to which the link to be added. 

Step 5: Right-click on it and choose Link from the toolbar displayed. You can also choose the same from the toolbar at the top next to highlight icons. 

Google docs link within document
Google docs link within document

Step 6: Now open the headings dropdown

how to link within document in google docs
how to link within document in google docs

Step 7: You can also edit the link text if required. 

Step 8: Finally click on Apply to finish.

link within document in google docs
link within document in google docs

Step 9: Now anyone can use the link by clicking on it and then click on the heading shown below. 

docs link to bookmark in another document
docs link to bookmark in another document

How it works: Pull data from multiple sheets of a single Google Sheets doc

We have a Google Sheets doc with five sheets that contain data about deals for different years: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020:

Instead of manually copying data from each sheet o

Instead of manually copying data from each sheet or building a complex IMPORTRANGE formula, we can simply specify the names of sheets as follows:

Click “Save & Run” and the data from the sheets will be pulled into our destination sheet. What are the main benefits? You’ll get a column indicating which sheet a data set belongs to. Besides, the title rows from each sheet except for the first one are skipped, so you get a smooth merge of data.

If you wanted to do the same using IMPORTRANGE, he

If you wanted to do the same using IMPORTRANGE, here is what your formula should look like:

It’s important to specify exact data ranges like 2

It’s important to specify exact data ranges like 2018!A2:EU972, otherwise you’ll get multiple blank rows between the data. And do not expect to get your data right away – IMPORTRANGE works pretty long. In our case, we had to wait a few minutes before the formula pulled in the data.

Can I import data in Google Sheets from another sheet including formatting?

Unfortunately, neither of the options above will let you import the formatting of the cell(s) you reference to. The logic of IMPORTRANGE, FILTER and other Google Sheets native options does not entail the actual transfer of data. They only reference and display data from the source cells. is the only option that copies the data from the source, but it only imports the raw data without any formatting. At the same time, you can use to link Excel files, as well as Excel and Google Sheets.

BUT, you can always use the benefits of Google Apps Script to create a custom function for your needs. For example, the following script will let you transfer data from one sheet or spreadsheet to another:

You need to go Tools > Script editor. Then insert the script in the file and specify the required parameters:

  • ID of the source and destination spreadsheets 
  • Names of the source and destination sheets

(If you’re importing data between sheets, the source and destination spreadsheet ID will be the same)

When ready, click “Run” and your data including fo

When ready, click “Run” and your data including formatting will be imported into the destination sheet. 

Note: This solution may not be a fit for your project, so you’ll need to update the script whatever you require.

How to link to section in Google Docs?

Here, we will discuss how to link a section within a google doc. Follow the below steps.

Step 1: To link to the bookmark, you set already, go to the section of the document that you want to link. 

Step 2: Select the word, an entire sentence, or a paragraph that you want to be part of the link and then right-click on it. 

Step 3: From the menu that opens, select ‘Link

Step 4: A new field will appear that lets you choose what you want to link to. You can choose from either headings or bookmarks which are external URLs. Or simply paste the link you have copied and click the blue ‘Apply’ button. 

The link to the section is done and now you can go straight to the bookmark you set! In this way, you can link a section within Google Docs.

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How to hyperlink in Google Docs using the mobile app

1. Open a document in the Google Docs app on your iPhone or Android phone.

2. Select the text that you want to turn into a hyperlink. A toolbar should automatically appear under the selected text.

The option to create a hyperlink appears automatically when you select text in the mobile app.
Dave Johnson/Insider

3. Tap Insert Link.

4. On the Insert Link page, type or paste the URL you want to link to.

5. When you’re done, tap the checkmark at the top right of the screen.

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