How To Get Quarters For Laundry

The Bottom Line

Getting quarters is possible with one of the options on this list. Even if you have an online bank, you can get cash back from buying groceries and exchange it at the change manage at the laundromat.

Key takeaways:

  • Take a $10 bill to any bank and ask the teller for a roll of quarters. You don’t need to be a customer to trade dollars for quarters.
  • Most laundromats have change machines which you can exchange $1, $5 or $10 bill for quarters for free.
  • Change machines are also available at arcades.
  • If you visit a grocery store, pharmacy or gas station you can exchange bills for quarters, just ask the service desk. Another option is buying something small and getting change in quarters.
  • Old vending machines can also give you change in quarters.


Where Can You Get Quarters Fast Right Now?

If you want to know where to get quarters fast, you may be wondering where you can find them. The best place to find the change is at the customer service desk of any fast-food restaurant. However, this option may not be efficient. The customer service desk at fast-food restaurants is usually busy, so you should go somewhere that is not overly crowded. The customer service desk of any fast-food restaurant will give you change quickly and efficiently.

Banks also have machines that dispense quarters. You can ask a customer service desk for change in quarters if you do not have a bank account. Some of these machines can only dispense quarters once, so you should ask for change before leaving the establishment. You can also look for vending machines at gas stations and pharmacies. These establishments often have change machines where you can exchange dollars for coins.

Arcades are another good source for quarters. However, these stores are few in number and may not have many of them. You may be able to ask the cashier for a handful of them, so it might take a while. If you are desperate to find quarters, you may need to try several places to make your search more fruitful. You can also ask at the customer service desk of a grocery store for the number of available quarters. check out best smelling laundry soap on Amazon here

Bottom line

To sum up, coins and quarters are gradually becoming less popular with the introduction of credit cards. However, it is often advisable to have some quarters at all times for your next trips to the mall or your stop at the arcade. Read about how to whiten socks at Laundry here.


If you need quarters for laundry, many laundromats should have change machines located inside and many are also open late at night or even open 24/7. Back when I lived in Berkeley, California, I don’t recall a laundry mat ever NOT having a change machine on the inside but I know many others are not so lucky. 

The only problem was that occasionally that machine would run out of change or it would not be functioning so be prepared with a back up plan. 

The best back-up plan is to have a stash of quarters. Whenever you pull out quarter rolls or you get quarters you should always try to pick up an amount that is 2X or 3X the amount you’ll need at that time. This will help remove a lot of the headache when dealing with quarters. 

4. Check Gas Stations and Pharmacies

If you find yourself a little far off from the city center and can only see an abandoned gas station, then you might be in luck. Gas stations and pharmacies have registers that often have small coins such as quarters.

Once again, it’ll probably only be a couple of dollars’ worth, but if you buy something small like a candy bar and ask for 4 quarters instead of a dollar, then you’re done!

If the gas station or pharmacy offers cashback you could also use this system to get $5 or $10 in cashback and to ask the cashier to give you ask many quarters as the register can spare.

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6. Make a Purchase

As I said before, if your grocery store cashier or fast food attendant doesn’t want to exchange quarters or doesn’t have enough for a $1 bill, consider making a small purchase.

You can also try the cashback option if that’s on offer. If not, enjoy your purchase as well as your quarters. Things that are cheap and useful to buy in order to get quarters to include:

  • Bananas
  • Gum
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Salt
  • 1 piece of fruit
  • A bag of chips
  • Just about any vegetable

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What is the best way to get quarters?

The best way to get quarters is by visiting a bank or at a grocery store customer service desk. A grocery store is typically the most convenient, because you can pick up a roll of quarters while getting groceries. Typically, there is no fee for getting quarters at grocery stores or banks.

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3. Find an arcade (or laundromat) near you

If you’re lucky to live near an open arcade, you can get some coins at the arcade’s change machine so you can have enough quarters to pay for your laundry. If an arcade also has a vending machine, you can put in a dollar, and some machines will give you your money back in quarters. Or you can find a laundromat near you and hope it has a change machine like in arcades – it’s rare but not out of the question.

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Head to a grocery store or corner store

Many stores, such as grocery stores, gas stations, and some pharmacies, will exchange your dollar bills for quarters but you’ll typically need to make a purchase. For a grocery store, you can simply purchase something like a piece of candy or bottle of water and then ask for change in quarters.

You might have better odds if you approach the customer service desk at many places, too. At these desks, you may not have to make a purchase at all and they may be more willing to give up rolls of quarters. This would be my recommenced approach.    

Depending on how they are stocked in their register, stores may have to limit your quarter request to a certain amount. Often you may be limited to only $5 or $10 worth of quarters but this type of thing will just depend on the place. Once you start asking for over $10 worth of quarters, that’s when things really start to get difficult. 

(This is when being extra polite can go a long way.)  

If you need a lot of quarters then simply rinse and repeat this process at different stores and eventually you’ll have all the quarters you need. This approach is good for Sundays especially when banks are typically closed but note that the customer service desks might be closed during very early or late hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I buy washing machine quarters?

  • Stop By The Bank
  • Fast Food Establishments
  • Grocery Stores
  • Car Washes and Laundromats
  • Gas Stations and Pharmacies

Where can I buy laundry coins?

  • Visit your bank
  • Get change after grocery shopping
  • Find an arcade (or laundromat) near you
  • Gas station or pharmacy
  • Buy things with cash

Can I get a roll of quarters at Walmart?

Yes. Customer service desks will transform your bill into quarters in many big shops, such as Target, Walmart, Walgreens, groceries, and pharmacies.

Can you get quarters at an ATM?

You may simply obtain quarters in business hours and ask the distributor whether he can withdraw money from your account in a quarter. If you require changes in bills, go to any shop in the cashier and ask if they can make changes to your bills.

How many quarters does a change machine hold?

With four standard-sized hoppers, the MC840-DA will hold up to 12,800 quarters ($3,200 capacity), the MC840-DA can dispense coins, tokens, or a combination of up to four coins and tokens. SHIP WEIGHT: 365 lbs.

How many quarters does it take to do a load of laundry?

On average, you will have to wash one load for $2,25 to $3,50 (9 to 14 quarters), and around 25 cents are washed for 8 to 15 minutes.

Do I bring my detergent to the laundromat?

Most washing machines supply detergent for vending machines. Some people even provide you with complimentary detergent. However, owing to preferences or allergies, you may want to bring your own.

Should I stay at the laundromat?

Do not leave your items in a washing machine. When they leave the washing machine for a bit and maybe make a coffee shop or catch a cup, it’s okay for employers to leave their clothing in a washing machine or dryer.

Where can I get a roll of quarters for laundry?

  • Grocery Store or Convenience Stores.
  • Fast Food Establishment.
  • Arcades.
  • Gas Stations and Pharmacies.
  • Car Washes & Laundromats.
  • Soda Machines.

How do I get 2021 laundry quarters?

  • Every several months, purchase quarters rolls from your bank. Depending on your washing demands, you may need $40 or more.
  • Visit your laundromat and bring this change back to the washing room.
  • Save each quarter you ever own and keep it somewhere till you are necessary.

Can I still get quarters from the bank?

Banks will have fourth rolls that are 40-quarter rolls that amount to $10. Therefore, you will need 10 $ in cash to swap cash for a quarter of a roll.

Can you get coins from an ATM?

ATMs give out money instead of coins. It is preferable to visit the money services counter in your local Kroger family of shops if you have to withdraw odd money or a little amount of money.

Where can I get a change for $100?

  • Banks and Credit Unions. Your bank or credit union will be able to change your $100 bill without a problem.
  • Grocery Stores.
  • Walmart.
  • Target.
  • Restaurants and Bars.
  • Cash-Only Businesses.
  • Spas and Salons.
  • Tattoo and Piercing Shops.

Are we still in a coin shortage?

Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to occur, but it won’t endure forever. The #GetCoinMoving hashtag has returned.

Why is there a coin shortage?

Yes, the COVID 19 pandemic still is, but it will never last. It’s always the case. This is the Great American Coin Shortage 2.0, and the culprit is the COVID-19 epidemic, you guessed.

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