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A few years ago there was a man who posted on a PUA forum called So Suave and had his own blog called Pook’s Mill.

His basic message was that the PUA techniques were too simple, and focused on external manipulations, and focusing on others rather than focusing on yourself and your own masculinity.

Sadly Pook disappeared from the scene, but his teachings live on in this book called The Book of Pook.

This website is a complete and well formatted version of The Book of Pook for the smartphone age.

Update for audiobook fans: You can now listen to each article (machine generated) using the player at the top of each post.


How do you balance the two?

How do you say what you think without becoming a “know it all” who everyone wants to punch in the face? How can you make sure that other people will find you interesting instead of annoying or naive?

Well, you can’t. Mainly, it’s because you’re not omnipotent, and you’re not in control of what everyone else thinks.

But you can avoid making some common mistakes.

Smart and witty comebacks to shut up

  When someone is deliberately trying to be rude by telling you to shut up, you should answer in a way that makes you seem like the more sophisticated person. Here are some smart and witty comebacks to shut up that will put the speaker in their place.  

12“I don’t remember ordering a glass of your opinion.”   This is just another way of saying you were not speaking to them and didn’t require their opinion.Photo by Kevin Kelly on unsplash
Photo by Kevin Kelly on unsplash
13“Why don’t you?”   This is a quick and easy comeback to remember. You are basically telling the other person to shut up instead.14“You’ve had your whole life to be a jerk. Why not take today off?”   This is a good response to use with someone who is constantly mean to you. The comment tells the speaker that you are tired of the whole mean person act, and they should really give it a rest.

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15“Please, lead by example.”   This is another way to tell the person to shut up, too. It just sounds smarter when you say it this by Maria Krisanova on unsplash
photo by Maria Krisanova on unsplash
16“Why? Is it because I’m saying things you’re not smart enough to understand?”   A great way to make people who are being mean to you feel bad is by making them feel stupid. This response does exactly that.17“Shut doesn’t go up.”   Normally, when you shut something, you shut it down and not up. This is a smarty pants response that is also vaguely funny.Photo by Jungwoo Hong on unsplash
Photo by Jungwoo Hong on unsplash
18“Not too many people like you, do they?”   This response will really sting a bully, especially if they often act out for attention. It suggests that what the speaker is doing is exactly the reason why no one likes them and that it would be a good idea to stop.19“If I wanted to hear from an asshole, I’d fart.”   This response is snappy and a bit crude. It can also be funny when used on a friend.

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20“Do you hear that? *silence* That’s the sound of me not caring.”   This response simply means that you don’t care about the opinion of the aggressor. It allows you to make light of their comment instead of being offended.Photo by jonas mohamadi under pexels license
Photo by jonas mohamadi under pexels license
21“I’m sorry, could you repeat that? I have a hard time listening to haters.”   This is a good response to the speaker know that you aren’t paying much mind to their negativity.22“I envy everyone you have never met.”   This is just another way of saying you wish you never met the speaker and that people who haven’t met them are lucky because they don’t have to put up with their nasty attitude.

Why is it so Difficult to Get Your Dad to Shut Up?

It may not be accessible at all to get your dad to put a sock in it, especially if you, as the kid, are telling him what to do. This all leans heavily on your relationship with your dad, how caring, and what part he has played in your life. It may be hard for your dad to let go or view your opinions as more valid than his if you have always turned to him for help and support.

If your dad is a stubborn old ox of a man, stuck in his ways and complaining about everything in life, from the weather to the government, it may just be better to let him be and instead focus on living your own life, leading a better life by example.

Age also plays a part in the success of getting dad to shut up, don’t expect your dad to stop talking or stop sharing his advice, opinions, or thoughts if you are still a teenager. Dad will feel he has to do so, and if you are not careful, it comes across as highly disrespectful to tell him to zip it.


Whatever your reason for wanting your dad to shut up, there are ways to do it to benefit the situation and achieve the goal. Try these methods to share your concerns with your dad and hopefully get the results you desire. Remember that if it is a toxic relationship, you need to set your boundaries and respect yourself enough to walk away from your situation when you feel emotionally exhausted.

Dealing with people who never shut up

It’s one thing to acknowledge these different categories. It’s another to learn how to get people to shut up. If you’re looking for some pointers, check out these different scenarios.

Why do some people never shut up?

What makes you wonder, “Why do some people never shut up?” Is it because you’re more of a quiet person? Is it because you’re an introvert? Is it because you’d rather listen than speak?

There’s not necessarily a right or wrong way to be, but some people love talking. They might like expressing themselves with a lot of details, or they might like proving their point with a lot of examples. Others simply enjoy arguing.

How to tell someone they talk too much, in a nice way

If you need some quiet time and you regularly encounter a chatty person, it can be difficult to figure out the appropriate way to politely resolve the situation. But you’re going to have to learn how to tell someone they talk too much, in a nice way.

One easy thing you can do is make it about your needs, rather than what the other person is doing wrong.

Communicate about the type of peaceful environment that works for you and ask the other person if they can be considerate while they’re around you. That way, they can respect your boundaries without feeling that they’ve done something wrong or that they have to change their personality.

When to scold people who never shut up

If you’ve expressed your needs and the other person still won’t respect them, you might be left feeling like why are people so f*cking stupid? But it’s important to not take things personally. The other person is likely not trying to annoy you on purpose — they’re just used to getting away with their behavior.

People who won’t shut up often don’t listen very carefully, so you might need to tell them how you feel multiple times. Sternly remind them that you don’t have time for nonsense, and that you’d appreciate it if your communication with them was swift and brief, rather than long-winded and time-consuming.

You can also lead by example …

The best rule of thumb: make your point as quickly as possible, and then shut your mouth.

That said, I think I’ll take my own advice …