How to Get Higher When You Smoke Weed

Here are the 6 Ways to Get the Highest from a Small Amount of Weed

1. Don’t Even Think About a Joint or a Blunt

The least-efficient way to get high is to roll a joint or a blunt because they require a lot of bud (figure each one uses about half a gram) and a lot of that great smoke ends up wasted. We don’t have to tell you why; whenever you’re not dragging, the pot is still burning and the smoke is floating up into the atmosphere where it doesn’t do anyone any good.

If you consider smoking a joint an integral part of the experience and can’t imagine anything else, at least roll a pinner joint which will use less pot and smoke better, or roll with the paper inside-out which will cause the joint to burn more slowly.

2. Use a One-Hitter

These handy pipes aren’t just easy to carry around or hide in a pocket, they also help you get the most out of a limited supply. Because of the way they’re constructed, you can get a surprisingly good punch from them even though you’ve only put a small amount of weed inside. Not enough of a punch to get you high? Opt for a chillum, which will give you 4-5 good hits without burning up the rest of your stash.

3. Try a Glass Blunt

Glass blunts (plastic or glass pipes shaped like blunts) are getting more and more popular, for very good reasons. There’s no waste (there are no roaches leftover), they’re easy to use, and they give you a whopping good blast for your buck.

4. Vape Instead of Smoke

Since you’re heating the ganja instead of burning it, there’s less waste – so you’ll get higher from the amount of vape created than you would from smoke produced by the same quantity of flower. You can also take the AVB (already vaped bud) after your session and repurpose it in edibles; it’s already been decarbed so you can put it right into brownies, make cannabutter with it, or bake firecrackers (AVB and peanut butter, spread on graham crackers and baked in tin foil for 15 minutes or so). You can roll it and smoke the AVB, too; it will taste nasty but will really add to your buzz.

5. Have Some Coffee or Some Fruit

We have no idea whether the scientific proof of this is legit (it’s based on a 2014 study that was done with squirrel monkeys), but drinking a small amount of coffee helps a small high last longer. Don’t drink too much coffee, though; according to the study, it will just make you want more and more weed.

Other foods said to boost a buzz include mangos and nuts; the myrcene terpenes in mangos and the omega-3 fatty acids in nuts help THC pass through the blood-brain barrier faster.

6. Play Amateur Mixmaster

Many herbs including sage and thyme contain pinene terpenes, which open lung passages and allow the body to absorb TCH more easily. Mixing your pot with them will let you enjoy the stash you have left for a longer period of time while adding to your high.

Mixing pot with other herbs, including CBD, damiana or mullein, may not get you more stoned. But being able to smoke longer may make you feel like you’re increasing the buzz. Just think back to the days when you could only afford skunk weed, but told all of your friends loudly “Man, I’m so wasted!” You get the idea.

How Much Herb Should You Smoke?

If you’re smoking good old-fashioned herb then you’re probably only going to need a few hits if it’s your first time. The effects of weed can be felt anywhere from instantly to up to several minutes. If it’s your first time then just take 1 or 2 hits, and wait for a few minutes. If you’re still not high you can take another hit. Usually, beginners would not need to smoke an entire bowl or joint by themselves to get high. If the quality is decent then 3 or 4 hits total should get the job done. If you’re new to this I highly recommend checking out two of my other articles: How to Smoke Weed Properly: A First-Timer’s Guide and 7 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting High From Weed.

Remember, the more you smoke the higher your tolerance is going to get. Individuals with high tolerances may need multiple bowls or joints to feel effects. Some people report smoking so much they can’t get high anymore. If this is the case I highly recommend taking a tolerance break.


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Three Ways You Can Get High Without Weed!

#1 Love

Ever heard the saying ‘love is a drug’? Yes, as it turns out there is some scientific weight behind those hapless lovesick fools, more than we may have given credit for! Being in love has very little to do with the heart, and everything to do with the chemicals in our brain.

Have you ever eye-rolled at an individual for being clumsy, forgetful and unreliable all in the name of love? Well, it may be time to re-evaluate your approach to such individuals, because studies show that falling in love can have the same effects on the brain as getting high from marijuana!

Call it what you like, but falling in love is one of the many ways you can get high without a psychoactive substance in sight! There have been numerous studies done into the mental impact love has on us, and the results are pretty mind-blowing! According to Dr. Fisher, there are three main stages of love all of which can be categorized by a particular set of chemicals:

Step 1: Lust – driven by testosterone and estrogen, leaving us with an ultra high libido.

Step 2: Attraction – More than just a sexual driver, attraction can lead to those famous sleepless nights, as well as the less pleasant obsessive, anxious phase. Chemicals to blame here are Norepinephrine (PEA) (thank this for those sweaty palms and racing hearts), and then there is dopamine.

Step 3: Attachment – There is no going back from here, commitment, monogamy and a strong feeling of connection are at play, and it is all thanks to Oxytocin AKA the cuddle chemical!

When it comes down to it, a fool in love is awash with chemicals including everything from dopamine to adrenaline, and so it’s no wonder that feeling of sick, excited and downright goofiness is akin to the feeling of being high!

#2 Exercise

It is no secret that exercise is good for both the body as well as the mind. Health professionals have been encouraging an increase in exercise for decades after all, but what if we told you that you could get high from working out?

Yes, working out can improve physical strength, encourage weight loss, boost energy levels and even reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. So with such a plethora of pros, it is no huge surprise that we can add getting high onto the list, too!

Let us be clear, exercise won’t lead to intoxication, but the chemicals released when performing exercise are the same as those chemicals responsible for causing us to be high when we smoke pot! Have you ever heard of the runner’s high? Well, this phenomenon is what keeps those marathon addicts going come rain or shine, and here is why…

A study done on ten athletes looked at the effects of exercise on their brain activity. The subjects had two PET scans at to separate times, one at rest and another following 2 hours of endurance running. The results revealed that the number of opioids in the brain had a direct correlation to the athletes feeling of euphoria. Both of which has significantly increased after exercise.

This particular study concluded that those who are subject to large amounts of exercise are exposed to larger quantities of drug-like opioids creating an intense high and making it more likely in turn that they would keep coming back to exercise.

While it is rarely a bad thing to over-indulge in exercise, the addictive nature of the ‘runner’s high’ in some cases can lead to excessive exercise and potential risk of eating disorder or injury. We would always recommend consulting a medical professional if you have any concerns. Otherwise, ride the wave of fitness high!

#3 Sex

We’re no strangers to discussing being high during sex here, but did you know you could get high from sex without the weed? It turns out that having sex releases a wave of endogenous drugs, hormones, and neurotransmitters that make cannabis almost redundant in the bedroom!

In fact, the high from sex is so strong that in one study it has been compared to the high one would get from heroin! In the Science of Orgasm, researchers revealed that during male ejaculation, the ventral tegmental area was activated, and in women, during orgasm, the nucleus accumbens area was activated. Both of these areas of the brain are also activated by opiate drugs, as well as by orgasm, which accounts for those addictive cravings and feelings of intense pleasure.

So, if you don’t fancy getting high from marijuana, you could always treat your significant other to a different type of high!

10) How to Stop Smoking Marijuana

This last one is a bit extreme, and more of a long-term cure than a short-term – unless by quitting weed you mean that as you start to feel too high in your cannabis experience you stop puffing pot or eating a marijuana medible, then by all means stop toking or munching before the intoxication effects get worse (unless, as we noted above you’re using an indica strain to negate a sativa high or vice versa). But after a long strange trip (or several) through the weedy looking glass you decide pot smoking is not for you, then maybe quitting long-term is the right thing for you to do. Those who smoke cannabis for medical reasons can still get some very good health benefits from CBD alone, which does not have the psychoactive effects of THC in marijuana.

CBD and THC both interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system receptors thus releasing neurotransmitters in your brain that can affect pain, immune function, stress, and sleep patterns. THC binds with CB1 receptors in the brain, producing the popular euphoric high long associated with pot. CBD has little interaction with CB1 receptors, in fact it can inhibit the binding of THC to the CB1 receptors, drastically reducing the psychoactive effects – that’s why we recommended it as a buzz kill above.

CBD alone or CBD from hemp (which may contain other cannabinoids, but has less than .03% THC) can help with many of the same conditions as THC such as seizures, inflammation, pain, depression, stress or anxiety, IBS (inflammatory bowel syndrome), nausea, and migraines; and many people who don’t do pot at all find medical management with cannabidiol to be preferable.

If you want to quit cannabis forever, then things you need to do include going cold turkey and not weaning yourself (there’s too much of a tendency to lapse back if you go slowly), get rid of all your weed – leaf, concentrates, all of it; and ditch your paraphernalia, too – no more pipes, bong rig, grinders, joint papers, all of it goes. You may experience some feelings of withdrawal, but that’s where CBD can help keep you de-stressed and handle any pain or discomfort issues you may have been using weed for. If you need extra help bucking your bud habit, there are addiction counseling services and medical professionals that can help.

Here is a somewhat lighthearted video take on how to stop being high – including some of the methods that we discussed above: 

What is getting high?

Marijuana, whether it’s toked or ingested, contains cannabinoids – sophisticated chemical compounds that occur naturally in the human body as endocannabinoids and are also found in cannabis weed as phytocannabinoids; the cannabinoids interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) causing a number of physiological reactions – reactions, hey-hey-hey, like being stoned. One of those cannabinoids is THC and THC interacts with the ECS in your brain to stimulate the release of dopamine – known as a ‘pleasure molecule’ – in modest amounts; but also THC reacts with your body similarly to a natural cannabinoid receptor called anandamide.

Anandamide, like dopamine, has been called a ‘bliss molecule’ and the word anandamide is factually based on ‘ananda’, which does mean joy or bliss in Sanskrit, so there’s that. However, anandamide offers quite a bit more than mere happiness – not that happiness sucks, we are ourselves fans of it, and we all could probably use a little  more happiness – but anandamide also aids with memory, movement, pain control, appetite stimulation, fertility, and possibly inhibits cancer cell growth; but wait, there’s more – anandamide is also a proven anti-anxiety agent and antidepressant. So, like anandamide, THC can interact with your endocannabinoid system to do all of that and more, like as we said – getting you high. Far out, is it not?

What About the Exhale?

After holding for a few moments, slowly breathe the smoke out.

There’s a lot of conflicting information over whether holding for as long as possible will intensify the high.

But the truth is, holding it in longer only deprives your brain of oxygen.

It does nothing for the absorption of cannabinoids.

Whether you hold the smoke in for ten seconds or one second, you don’t want to exhale the smoke too fast.

Learning how to control the stream of smoke will make for a stronger high and will also exercise your lungs.

The Smoke is in My Mouth, Now What?

While you take your inhales nice and slow, don’t stop inhaling once the smoke is in your mouth.

The tendency is to just sit there with the stagnant smoke for a few moments before blowing it all out.

Others may try to swallow the smoke down their gullet.

However, both of these methods are ineffective and are a waste of precious THC.

In some cases (such as swallowing smoke), these actions may lead to an upset stomach.

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It Pays To Think Ahead

This probably doesn’t help when you’re staring at your nearly-empty stash jar. But it’s worth remembering the feeling, so you can be smarter the next time you replenish it.

1. Buy the Right Strain

This can go one of two ways. If your primary concern is the best high possible, do some research (or talk to your nearest expert) and find the strongest, highest-quality bud you can buy. That description can mean different things to different people; not everyone wants the mind-blowing high of Ghost OG or Original Glue, so find your level of comfort. You probably won’t smoke as much of it in each session, which will leave more sitting in your stash when you start to run low.

On the other hand, if you have a lower tolerance but tend to go through your supply quickly, you might want to think about taking a step back to a slightly-less potent strain. Your budget will last longer and you won’t be staring at the bottom of an empty jar so often.

2. Grind Your Weed Finely

Finely-ground bud will produce the best smoke because it burns slowly and evenly. The hits will be bigger and more satisfying, so when you don’t have a lot left you’ll be getting the best high possible. Just as importantly, though, what’s left after grinding – the kief, or fairy dust – can be much like the change you find in the couch cushions when you think you’re flat broke: a welcome surprise. It primarily contains highly-concentrated THC, so adding it to what’s left of your stash before smoking will take the experience to the level you’re looking for. The best way to grind herb is with a four-piece unit, which will have a chamber at the bottom to collect all of that lovely kief.