How To Force Yourself To Sneeze

1. Use Some Tissue Paper:

I am sure you have seen tissue papers rolled into a cone. Some people do it when they are bored. You can do so in order to induce a sneeze reflex artificially.

  1. Take a tissue paper.
  2. Roll it into a cone. Rolling just one corner is more than sufficient to get the job done. You don’t need a large tissue paper for this.
  3. Take this cone shaped corner and wiggle it in the nose.
  4. You should be gentle while you do this.

This method simulates the irritating particle in the nose and results in a sneeze reflex. But, you need to be a bit patient. We know what happens when we insert the tissue in the nose. It gets damp. So, you may need to change the tissue twice or thrice. To make this method work faster, you can try blowing air through your mouth


Have a fizzy drink

As refreshing as your soda may be, your brain may perceive carbonation as a form of light pain. In response to certain pain receptors on your tongue getting triggered, some people may sneeze. And if this doesn’t work, at least you enjoyed a nice beverage.


Can you make yourself sneeze too much?

A study suggested normal person sneezes up to 4 times a day. Whereas an allergic person can sneeze much more than that. But if you are inducing a sneeze you have to keep a check on your body. If you think you are feeling dizzy or having abdominal pain, nose pain or even a nose bleed you have to stop right away even if there are minor symptoms. Do note that you each person gets affected in a different way so as soon as you have a weird or abnormal feeling you have to stop making you sneeze right away.

3. How to induce sneezing by chewing strong mint

Chewing gum mint is also an effective way of activating sneezing reflexes.

So always keep a mint gum in your pocket and use it every time you feel uncomfortable with the feeling of sneezing but not getting it.

For some people, the strong mint smells suddenly hit the nose can cause sneezing.

Theoretically, the sudden cool taste will stimulate the nose causing sneezing. Refreshing the breath is a good way if all methods are unsuccessful [6].

Besides chewing gum mint, you can also suck in peppermint oil to sneeze, or you can use strong toothpaste which can stimulate sneezing.

Also, some people can easily sneeze when eating sweet foods like chocolate beside chewing gum mint.

You should choose the dark chocolate as possible to beat sneezing sensation but unable to sneeze.

20. Sniff Some Perfume:

You get 2 things on the way.

  1. A pleasant smell
  2. Sneezing

This is more likely to happen if you are more sensitive towards irritants. Please, keep a note not to spray the perfume into your nose. DO NOT DO THAT!!

Just spread enough fragrance around you to get the effect.

Why do I sneeze more than once?

We all know that one person who sneezes, not once, not twice, but three times. Why do these people sneeze multiple times? It’s thought that sometimes, the sneeze is just not powerful enough to get rid of whatever causes you to sneeze in the first place. It might take a few goes for your nose to get out the irritant. It could also be a result of allergies and ongoing inflammation that means you must sneeze more than once.

But what about those “mega-sneezers” – you know the ones – you can hear them sneeze a block away. It’s likely because of the person’s lung capacity and how much air they breathe in pre-sneeze. The more air, the bigger the sneeze!

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Tickle under your nose

If you don’t want to stick a tissue up your nose, simply tickling beneath your nostrils might be enough. For optimal tickling, try to get your hands on a fake feather.


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1. How to sneeze by looking at a light source

Do you know that the most efficient way to sneeze is looking at a light source. Suddenly looking at the light makes us sneezing [6].

Some people just look at the light bulb which is enough to cause them to sneeze.

There is a connection between the light and the reflex sneeze. Many studies have demonstrated that the trigeminal nerve controlling the reflex sneezing accidentally runs along the optic nerve [7].

When the optic nerves are overstimulated, the signal will transfer to the trigeminal part. It is similar to the data cables that can interfere. Then, it stimulates you to sneeze [7].

You can do this method by stepping into the bright room, or closing your eyes and stepping out into the sun. If you are a person who has reflex sneeze due to light, you are likely to sneeze and sneeze repeatedly.

In fact, a lot of people sneeze as they move from a dark space to a bright area. Remember that do not look directly at the sun because it can damage your eyes.

Does your heart stop when you sneeze?

You have heard many times that your heart stops for a fraction of a second when you sneeze. But does it really?

A study was carried out to check the facts about this. When you sneeze, the pressure in your body immediately increases. This decreases the blood flow back to the heart. Thus, the heart recompenses for this by altering its regular heartbeat momentarily to tune. However, the electrical activity of the heart does not stop while sneezing.

With these techniques, you can now make yourself sneeze within no time. Make sure you share this article if someone asks you “how to make yourself sneeze?” You can try any of these methods and make yourself sneeze, just for fun. Don’t forget to comment below which method works for you easily. AAAAAA…CCHHEEWWW


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What happens when I sneeze?

When something does enter your nose, like germs, dust or pollen, a message is sent to a part of your brain called the sneeze centre. The sneeze centre sends signals to the parts of your body that need to work together to help you sneeze. Your chest muscles, diaphragm, abdominals, vocal cords and the muscles in the back of your throat all work together to help you expel the irritant.

The Best Sneeze Interceptor

All in all, a sneeze may be annoying, but it is good for you. “In our society, some may consider sneezing a faux pas, but what I typically tell my patients is to let it fly!”

The only problem is that these sneezes can spread germs to others around you.

While a few media outlets have done home experiments putting sneeze barriers to the test, scientists have been busy in the lab trying to figure out the best way to sneeze in order to stop the germ flow.

“Ambient air currents may also move the sneezed airflow around more slowly later, thus transporting airborne viruses beyond the immediate vicinity of the sneezer,” Dr. Julian W. Tang of the Alberta Provincial Laboratory for Public Health told Business Insider.

He’s conducted experiments — seen in the GIFs below — to find out the proper way to catch your sneeze.

The WINNER: The tissue

“Lots of tissues,” Tang said, and wash your hands after.

No matter the sneeze catcher, the amount of snot stopped has “a lot of it has to do with how fast you can cover your sneeze.”

The permeability of the barrier used to catch the sneeze is also important. “Lower-ply tissues [lower than four-ply] may not contain the force of the sneeze that may just blow through the tissue,” he said.

When using the hand or fist, it is important to note that any gaps between fingers will spread the sneeze.

Sneezing into your sleeve has variable effectiveness, depending on sleeve length and how fast you can cover up. And the sleeve now contains your germs, which can spread to other objects it comes into contact with.

So let it fly — into a tissue, please.

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