How To Fix a Broken Zipper on Pants

How to fix a zipper

If the zipper on your jeans, jacket, backpack or any other clothing accessory is broken, all it could take is a simple DIY zipper fix OR it might mean replacing the zipper. Generally, if the zipper teeth are broken or several teeth are missing, you may need to replace the entire zipper. But, common problems like the zipper slider not securing the zipper or a broken zipper pull, the following DIY solutions and tips should help out.

Zippers consist of 3 parts. The zipper teeth are secured together by the zipper slider as you pull the zipper up using the zipper pull. Some zippers may also have zipper stops located at both ends of the zipper. They prevent the zipper slider from detaching as you pull the zipper up or down.

In terms of tools, all you really need is a pair o

In terms of tools, all you really need is a pair of pliers such as lineman or long nose pliers. Depending on how much work is needed, you may need other supplies like replacement zipper stops or a zipper slider if replacing the zipper slider.

How Do You Reattach a Zipper That Came Off One Side?

You can fix a zipper that came off one side by using pliers.

For this method, you will want a small pair of pliers, preferably ones with a flat grip like chain-nose pliers.

  1. To get started, locate the slider beneath the pull. This small metal piece should have U-shaped grips that keep it locked onto the teeth.
  2. Use the pliers to carefully unbend that U shape on the free side of the slider. Unbend the side of the slider that is still attached to the teeth as well.
  3. Next, fix the unbent slider by using the pliers to press the U shape back into place on both sides.
  4. Remove the stops at the top of the zipper. You may need larger pliers for that task.
  5. Ease the slider onto fabric and then back onto the teeth. You may need to use the fork method if this gets difficult.
  6. Replace the stops at the top of the zipper.


4) How to fix a zipper pull that broke off

If the zipper pull breaks off the slider but the slider loop is still intact, you can easily insert other objects like a keyring, keychain, paper clip, or even these replacement zipper pulls from Amazon.

There are other products like ZipperMend which sel

There are other products like ZipperMend which sells zipper pulls that provide a more permanent solution for a zipper pull that broke off. It’s generally not necessary to replace a zipper slider if only the zipper pull breaks; however, replacing the entire zipper slider is the only way to create a permanent solution.

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Semi-Permanent Fix

For a stuck zipper, you have to grease the teeth. For a slippery zipper, do just the opposite. Use hairspray (cheap Aquanet will do!) to coat the top teeth of the zipper. Apply only to the top inch or so of teeth. The goal here is to gum up the works so that the teeth have more bulk to them and the zipper has trouble going down.