How to Find Your Pending Friend Requests (and Sent Requests) on Facebook

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How To Cancel Pending Friend Requests On Facebook?

To remove a friend request in PC you need to go to the pending friend request list as shown in the picture above. Then you need to hover your mouse for the drop-down list. Then you need to select the option “Cancel Request” as marked in the below picture.

Cancel Pending Friend Requests On Facebook
Cancel Pending Friend Requests On Facebook

We all know the process of removing pending friend requests can be tiring. Removing a few friend requests is not so hard. But over the time the number grows slowly and the day you decide to cancel them, you might find a big list of 100 or more number of pending requests.

But Facebook doesn’t have any feature to cancel or remove more than one friend request at a time. You will need to do the above option for each request. Another way you will need to go the person’s profile you sent the request and cancel as per the below image.

Cancel Pending Friend Request On Facebook from pro
Cancel Pending Friend Request On Facebook from profile page


  • If you don’t know the person who added you, you should ignore their friend request.

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What Is Pending Friend Request?

One person will send the connection request first. After that there could be three results as below –

  1. the opposite party might accept the request. In this case, you both will be able to see updates of each other if shared on Facebook,
  2. that person can just cancel the request. In that case, the connection will not be made and the friend request will vanish.
  3. the last option, the opposite party might do nothing. And your request can keep hanging there. That is the pending friend request.

Now Is Your Turn…

How do you manage pending friend requests before this? Do you think it’s necessary to have a checklist for it on Facebook? Kindly share your thoughts.