How to Cut Baseboard Inside-Outside Corners with Miter Saw

How To Reduce Baseboard Corners With Round noticed

Should you don’t have a miter noticed, the handy circular saw is the subsequent greatest various for ease of use and adaptability.

It will possibly deal with molding joints but in addition other angled cuts by adjusting its angle bracket. It makes each sq. or straight bevel cuts on excessive or low baseboard widths.

To make use of a round noticed, observe these steps:

1. Put the pivot bit in your drill and drill 4 holes in every nook block piece of trim. There ought to be two holes on the prime and backside, not too shut collectively, all the best way round in each course.

2. Place a block in a single nook and use a degree to ensure it’s straight. To provide better stability, hammer trim nails by the holes on the block’s uncovered sides. The nails ought to go proper into the wall.

3. Use a nail set to sink the nail heads. Repeat steps 2 and three for each nook within the room.

4. Measure between two nook blocks from inside edge to inside edge and mark the size on a bit of trim. Measure and mark the adjoining piece of trim. Make sure that your pencil strains are straight by utilizing a t-square.

5. Reduce the trim slowly and thoroughly alongside the strains with your circular saw.

6. Lay the minimize trim edge to edge between the nook blocks, ensuring the minimize edges align evenly.

7. Each 15 inches, drill pilot holes alongside each the highest and backside of the piece of baseboard. Nail in place with end nails and sink every one. Repeat with all of the baseboard trim.

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How to Cut Trim With a Miter Saw to Absolute Perfection!

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The way to Reduce Baseboard Corners With out Miter Noticed?

Chances are you’ll be questioning whether it is doable to chop baseboard corners with out utilizing a miter noticed – nicely, it completely is.

Nevertheless, even with this situation, there are particular tips to perform this process appropriately with out messing up the joint alignment or baseboard profile basically. The baseboard angles will nonetheless be correct concerning the partitions and the ground.

Suggestions for Reducing Baseboard Inside Nook

  • Measuring and marking steps are crucial. Should you do that step unsuitable, all the next steps are “thought-about” deserted.
  • The miter noticed is important. You possibly can’t get a normal minimize with a poor noticed. If you wish to minimize quick and decisively, you have to put money into the perfect miter noticed.
  • If the minimize angle shouldn’t be good as anticipated, you have to cowl the distinction with caulk or one thing like that.
  • You need to focus 100% whereas slicing to keep away from pointless errors.

Step 2 Reduce 2 Items of Baseboard

Get the baseboard trim materials. This can be plywood or medium-density-grade (MDF) fiber board, which is a inexpensive choice. Measure these boards and mark them, in order that the place to chop. Reduce the boards in order that they cowl the size of whole wall, minus the rounded half on the nook. Use a desk noticed to chop the boards to measurement.

The way to Reduce Coped Joints

This technique is way tougher than a miter minimize. Nonetheless, it offers a greater match, so it’s undoubtedly well worth the effort. A baseboard serves as a half of a coped nook, which inserts flat towards the wall, with out bevel, and the jigsaw is the proper software for this minimize. 

Comply with the steps to chop a coped joint or coping nook minimize joints: 

  1. First, you have to minimize the baseboard in size, utilizing a bevel minimize can be greatest, so it exposes the grain finish of the baseboard. That method, the jigsaw has extra working materials.
  2. After that, you have to do a back-cut utilizing the jigsaw, alongside the ornamental baseboard’s curve.
  3. Then, make sure the workpiece is safely clamped down on a bench, ideally by making use of bench vise.
  4. Make a curved, 45- levels angle minimize with the jigsaw, to the baseboard’s bottom, alongside its floor.
  5. Use sandpaper to complete or file the baseboard. Make sure that the opposite nook suits as nicely. Make sure that the socket from the again minimize is becoming the face of the opposite facet of your baseboard.
  6. Use some brad nails measuring round 1 1/2 inch (with some glue) to put in and safe the baseboard securely.
  7. Lastly, add paint and caulking round any slight gaps or joints if essential to fairly your new trim up. 

The way to Reduce Baseboard Corners

There are a couple of completely different cuts wanted when putting in baseboards. Listed below are the steps to coping and mitering the ends.

STEP 1: Match inside corners with a coped joint

First, use the miter noticed to chop a 45-degree angle on the top of the trim board. Utilizing the sting of a pencil, rub the profile alongside the place the primer meets wooden uncovered by the minimize. It will depart a darkish line alongside which you’ll want to chop to manage the joint.

Then, clamp the piece of molding to a worktable. Use the coping saw to chop alongside the darkish line that marks the profile. Make sure to maintain the noticed at an angle with a view to backcut the noticed, eradicating the fabric behind the joint to make sure a cosy match.

Lastly, Check match the joint and alter the form and contour of the coped board. Use a rasp, file, or sandpaper to superb tune the profile. A pointy utility knife can be useful, particularly for backcutting the joint and shaving small bits of wooden for a tighter match.

STEP 2: Match outdoors corners with a mitered joint

Whereas a coped joint is advisable for inside corners, a mitered joint is acceptable for out of doors corners. For a clear mitered nook, it’s a good suggestion to chop your baseboard about 1/16–inch longer than obligatory. Doing so ensures a decent match by enabling you to “spring” the subsequent board into place.

While you’re putting in baseboard—or any trim, for that matter—count on to do some re-cutting. Trial and error is all a part of the sport. When doubtful, it’s all the time higher to chop a board too lengthy than too brief and trim it in the event you should.


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Step 4 Put Collectively the Baseboard Items

Put the two bigger baseboard items alongside the bottom of the wall, after which place within the smaller piece between these, proper on the nook of the wall. The items will kind an octagonal form. Whereas the nook is not going to be solely rounded, it is going to appear like it when you end it.

Step 1: Butt the First Board

Lay your first piece of baseboard within the inside nook. This piece ought to be minimize sq. (0°) and match comfortable towards the other wall.

How Is A Miter Noticed Used?


Earlier than you start performing your woodwork duties, guarantee you’re working in a transparent, clear, and protected working space. Put on protecting clothes together with goggles for eye safety.


A lot of the greatest miter saws are powered by the handles. The blades start rotating when the deal with engages are compressed. Guarantee your baseboard items are protected and nicely supported by the greatest transportable miter noticed stand or desk the place obligatory.

Baseboard cuts

Baseboard cuts

All marked and well-measured baseboards are presupposed to be aligned accordingly. Maintain the handles down to interact the blade in any respect means. With the baseboard piece nonetheless in place, decrease the blade precisely in a chopping method. Enable the blade to run by the board. To cease the blade, disconnect the deal with. Take away your cuts and lift the blade when finished rotating.

You possibly can minimize baseboard items at an angle by shaping or sliding the noticed heads. Miter saws are completely different, however for shaping each inside and out of doors corners, it’s advisable to assessment the producer’s directions on your mannequin.

Components of Baseboard Corners


Majority of enterprise baseboards are profiled castings produced utilizing any type of hardwood, together with oak, mahogany or maple. Some creation shaping is pine or fir. It’s processed in large quantities and passes by the names of “farm,” “pioneer,” “commemoration” or “ogee,” amongst others. It’s repeatedly someplace within the vary of two and three creeps in width and is mostly created in 96-inch lengths. For further results, profiled embellishment can likewise be stacked for a progressively intricate look. The first little bit of casting is launched and afterward one other piece is about on its edge, over the principal piece, to make shadow strains.


Composite moldings are considerably like vinyl, but don’t twist effortlessly. They twist greater than atypical wooden, nonetheless not as a lot as vinyl. They’ve a slender vinyl overlaying, with a thick particleboard middle. Complicated moldings can’t be retooled; nonetheless, and are left usually white or coloured. They’re extra appreciable and provides extra heat assurance than vinyl and might be minimize and mitered, a lot the identical as real wooden. Composites are probably the most cheap of all of the baseboard varieties.


Vinyl shaping is often white in shading, but has one main profit as a baseboard: it’s versatile. You possibly can body this versatile trim round clean bends or trigger it to slot in with a wall that isn’t sq.. It suits firmly towards a wall and received’t cut up, because it twists the place picket embellishment received’t. It very nicely could also be painted and it’s something however troublesome to miter or minimize with virtually any type of noticed. It’s average for 2 causes: there aren’t any imperfections, and you’ll make the most of every inch of it in view of its consistency. Vinyl shaping is accessible in any profile that commonplace wooden forming is available in.


That is method of The way to Reduce Baseboard Corners with out Miter Noticed, Introducing baseboards in your own home is a reasonably clear method to tidy the spot. Whereas it’d appear to be the overall process is easy sufficient for a DIYers, slicing baseboards generally is a daunting process.

Best cordless miter saws with handy stands are very efficient in cutting boards or metals. Nevertheless, in a state of affairs whereby there isn’t a miter noticed, the rules above, when correctly adopted will undoubtedly assist you minimize your baseboards to your utmost satisfaction.

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