How to Change a Belt on a Bissell Vacuum

Does the Bissell PowerForce Helix have a belt?

This blog post is about how to change a bissell vacuum belt. After the vacuuming is over, it’s time to put on your “fixer-upper” hat and get ready for some DIY maintenance. The first step in this process is checking the bag and replacing it if necessary. Next, you need to check the brush roll for any hair or string that may have gotten tangled up in it while you were cleaning. Finally, take off the bottom plate of your vacuum cleaner by unscrewing four screws with a screwdriver at each corner until they are loose enough for you to pull them out. You’ll see two belts – one on top of another – so remove both of these from their slots before placing them back into their proper

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The Bissell PowerForce Helix vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a belt. It has an air-powered turbine that makes it easier to move around furniture and other obstacles.


Steps to Find Out if the Belt Needs a Replacement or Simple Fixation:

The following are the most comfortable yet easy steps to fix a vacuum belt, which you can do yourself too.

It is crucial to find the right spot to treat your vacuum cleaner, losing no critical component. However , you should be very careful and put it in a position so you can access its bottom. You can start working by placing your vacuum cleaner on the floor surface. Or even on a table, so you don’t end up losing any critical components.

If you sense any loud noise or notice that your vacuum is not picking up the dirt correctly . The first thing you may do is place it in the right place and position. There might be a possibility of displacement of the screws. However , you can always avoid this issue by placing them in the right place at the right time.

Just ensure to leave the device unplugged before you work on it. You can accidentally get hurt if it’s left plugged, so you need to be very careful.

Besides, this is not a fast fix. If your hands are stuck mistakenly in a spinning vacuum belt or rollers, you can still get injured. Unintentionally , someone could turn on the vacuum cleaner.

So that’s why you should turn off your vacuum and unplug it. You need to ensure that you have not plugged your vacuum cleaner. So you can fix the belt quickly without a slight possibility of getting hurt.

You won’t be spending much time finding the belt. Since it is in the same place as every other vacuum cleaner in most machines. The belt’s purpose is to hold the brush roll, so you may immediately know where to find it.

Your brush roll should be facing the ceiling of the room. Use your screwdriver to unscrew the plate. That is for keeping the components altogether.

After removing the plate at the bottom, your next step is to access the brush roll. Firstly , clean the brush roll and move further. You will find the belt somehow attached to the brush roll and motor.

Don’t forget the location since you will have to put it back in place.

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To continue using your vacuum cleaner, you need to replace it with a new belt if you find out it has broken. You will then see the broken belt as soon as you remove the plate. Just take the belt out. You can either swap your belt with a spare one at this point or buy another one.

For the sake of your vacuum cleaner’s longevity, the health of the belt should be of foremost priority. As it’s previously described in the post, how easily you can find a new belt for your vacuum cleaner. Just visit a nearby hardware store. And request the guy to give you a new belt by mentioning your vacuum cleaner’s brand and model. Or you can simply order it online.

Once you have pulled out the broken belt, use a new belt or hand on the spare one. For any dander, thread, or strand of hair that gets tangled around the roller, check the rollers.

Remove the rollers with a bit of pull on them. If any, you can remove the particles on them. After washing the rollers. Place the belt over the rollers, then tie the rollers back to the clip that holds the vacuum firm.

Tada! And you are almost there! You will simply then put the screw back in place in the plate at your vacuum’s bottom. There you go! Your vacuum cleaner is as great as a new one. It is ready to get back in action to remove ANY kind of mess that your kids or pet have made.

This shall not be here. And you must know what causes your vacuum belt to break. Replace your vacuum belt, and DIY bonus tips to prevent vacuum belt breakage.

How do you change the belt on a Kirby g4 or g5 Vacuum?

Kirby g3 to g6 uses the same machine configuration. These models from g3 to g6 gets some part upgrade as they move from three to six. But all the lever, motor and setup remains the same.

So you can follow the steps above and you will be able to change the belt of your Kirby vacuum even if it’s a model g4 or g5.

BONUS! Tips to keep your vacuum belt safe

After all, you’ve gone through you might want to keep your vacuum belt self, right? It may be easy to replace it but once in a while is enough…

So here are some tips for you to protect your vacuum cleaner and belt from breaking again!

1. Buy the right belt and install it properly

You must make sure you’re buying a putting the right belt on your vacuum (not a generic belt!). If you don’t take this seriously, then it will probably break sooner rather than later.

Also when installing it, you have to make sure you’ve done it correctly and that it works properly, with the proper tension.

2. Keep the vacuum brushroll clean

The brushroll is one of the reasons why drive belts break. But why? Very simple: The drive belt is what makes the brushroll move, so… if the brushroll is full of tangled hair and it’s nearly impossible for it to rotate due to the huge amount of dirt and debris tangled on it, then the drive belt will have to put extra effort on making it move. And it ends up overheating…

Which leads me to the next tip…

3. Watch out for overheating

Don’t let your vacuum cleaner, and more specific, your vacuum belt overheat. To do so, avoid clogs in your vacuum by not letting large objects be sucked by it.

How do I stop my vacuum belt from breaking?

Do you ever vacuum and all of a sudden your belt snaps or breaks? This is an easy DIY fix that will save you the time and money of having to buy a new vacuum. The best way to avoid your belts from breaking is by regularly replacing them with ones that are identical. If you already have an old belt, try cutting out any worn spots or knots before putting it back on the roller brush. You can also apply some lubricant like WD-40, olive oil, or liquid soap onto the area where the belt goes around the roller brush rollers. Keep in mind this may not work if there are cracks in the rollers themselves. With these tips, hopefully you can keep your belt working for much longer!

  1. Clean your vacuum regularly – dirt and dust can cause the belt to wear out
  2. Replace your old vacuum with a new one if it’s more than 10 years old
  3. Check that the brush on the bottom of the vacuum is not too close to anything on the ground, like carpet or furniture
  4. Consider replacing your belt with an updated version of what you have now
  5. Check for loose screws on the machine and tighten them up as needed
  6. Use a lubricant spray for any areas where friction may be occurring, such as between two pieces of metal

Stop using your vacuum on hard floors. Try using it more on carpeted areas, and make sure to change the belt regularly.

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How do you test a vacuum brush motor?

Inspecting the Vacuum Commutator for Motor Brush Problems Test that by turning the motor off and pushing on the center shaft, the armature. If it has any play, besides spinning, then replace the motor. If solid then replace the brushes – motor brush replacement instructions.

Tools for roller belt replacement task

There are some basic tools you are going to need to perform a Shark belt replacement. 

**Always ensure the vacuum cleaner is turned off and is disconnected from the power.


Changing the belt is just as important as cleaning the vacuum and maintaining it. If you use the same belt for too long then your vacuum will start to lose performance. It is good practice to change the belt every four to six months.

Make sure you have a bunch of extra belts. You can buy them for as low as a dollar. So always keep some extra for the emergency change of the belt. That way you can always get the full potential out of your vacuum.

When to Change Your Vacuum Cleaner Belt?

Typically , it takes about three to four months for the belt to expand. Later, it tends to slip through the drive shaft. However , the vacuum cleaner will still be able to capture surface particles in such a case. Where the belt gets bent or worn out. But fails to capture countless grains or dirt particles embedded deep in your carpet.

Eventually , your carpet will begin to collect unnecessary dirt with time. Which inevitably contributes to carpet wear.

Here is the thing, yes! It would be best if you prepare as the belt can break pretty easily . If you are new to changing the belts by yourself, do not worry.

We will provide a detailed guide on how to deal with this problem. Actually, it will be great for your ease. If you keep extra belts according to your vacuum cleaner’s model at all times.

Changing the belt is unbelievably easy. But diagnosing the problem can be somehow awkward. It would help if you were looking out for signs to know when to change the belt to avoid the inconvenience.

Some of the reasons are below that require changing your vacuum cleaner belt,

  • Too much noise: If the noise of your vacuum cleaner gets too noisy suddenly . When a vacuum cleaner makes more noise than usual. Then it is possible that your vacuum cleaner’s belt needs a replacement.

  • Suction has decreased: If your vacuum cleaner is not cleaning as efficiently as it used to. If the suction power tends to drop. You should first check if the brush rollers have clogged. But what happens next if they are good to go? Your next culprit would be the belt, of course!

  • Vacuum is performing poorly : If your vacuum cleaner is not cleaning as efficiently as it used to. You should urgently check if the belt stretches too much or breaks. After all, rubber can break very easily .

So, it’s finally time for you to take action. Because you will read this post and know how to fix a vacuum cleaner belt all by yourself.

Which vacuum cleaner lasts longest?

Dyson vacuum cleaners offer exquisite performance and are constantly innovating with their new models. Their cordless models are the longest lasting in terms of battery and lifespan and are the best for cleaning performance too.