Here’s How to Get Rid of Your Gag Reflex, According to TikTok

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2. Practice With Your Fingers

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If you decide you want to try to challenge yourself in this realm a bit, first know that there’s no real way to get rid of your gag reflex. But you can help desensitize it a bit using this routine: Take your pointer finger and place it on the tip of your tongue. Hold them there and breathe deeply in through your nose until you feel relaxed. Then scoot your finger back a centimeter and hold them there until you relax. Repeat this process until you get to the point where your gag reflex gets triggered. Keep your finger on that spot and focus on your breathing until you feel the reaction start to subside. (You may feel your tongue moving around under your finger; that’s perfectly normal.) If your gag reflex feels too strong, take your finger out, give yourself a break, then try again.

Once you’ve mastered one finger, repeat the whole process with two fingers, then three. This process takes time and daily practice, but it can work wonders, especially if you feel like your sensitive gag reflex is impeding your life in other ways.


How do I get rid of my gag reflex with my hands?

Stopping the gag reflex with acupressure A 2008 study indicated that applying pressure to a specific point on the palm consistently altered the gag reflex. One way of applying this pressure is described as closing your left hand over your left thumb to make a fist.

Does holding your thumb get rid of gag reflex?

According to the same Lifehacker-reported study, moving the pressure you place on your thumb can have the same effects on the gag reflex. In fact, by shifting the placement of pressure on the hand, you can hold off the gag reflex and endure even deeper intrusion into the throat.

Unlearning the Gag Reflex (Desensitisation)

  1. Relax and breathe through your nose if physically possible.
  2. Using a small, very soft toothbrush, brush your tongue to right where the area that triggers your gag reflex begins (if you gag, you’ve gone too far). Spend about 15 seconds brushing that area, and then call it a night.
  3. Repeat the process over the next few days, at least once a day, in the exact same spot. Stop just short of the area where the gag reflex kicks in.
  4. When you are comfortable with this, move the brush slightly further back. Repeat the process as you did in the first spot.
  5. Continue moving the brush farther back. Each time you move the toothbrush back, your gag reflex has been desensitised in the previous spot. Keep moving it farther and farther back over the course of several weeks.
  6. Be persistent. The whole process may take a week to a month to complete.

I have an upper denture and was not able to put it in my mouth because it made me gag. I couldn’t even tolerate it for 10 seconds. So I googled gag reflex issues, and discovered a really logical approach which I used with great success. The article I read said to brush your tongue sideways, back as far as you could without having a major gag and do so twice a day for 15 seconds. I did that for one full week, before trying to put the denture in again. It worked like a charm. – from our message board

Tip: do something relaxing while you’re practising, for example watching TV.

The same exercise can be used to desensitise your gag reflex in the palate area. Follow the same steps as above, but instead of brushing your tongue, gently massage your palate just behind your upper front teeth for a few minutes. When you are comfortable with this, move the brush slightly further backwards over your palate and carry on massaging. Practice this exercise until you’re comfortable massaging the front half of your palate.

Desensitisation exercise for swallowing or anything involving water

I teach my patients to practice swallowing with their mouths open in the run-up to the next appointment. Try this yourself at home. Once you have done this for a few days, you can progress to holding a small amount of water in your mouth (and keeping it there), while allowing the swallowing reflex to take place. Obviously the trick is not to swallow any of the water – just to allow the natural reflex within the throat to take place, keeping the water in the mouth. It is a very effective and useful thing to learn to do. – Mike Gow, BDS

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What if Youve Already Started to Gag?

This acupressure technique will work even if your gag reflex has already been stimulated and your child’s throat is starting to spasm.

Just quickly do what I show you below and the throat constriction will magically turn off!  In our family’s experience, the gag reflex is halted for about 30 seconds when this acupressure technique is employed.

My husband uses this technique occasionally when drinking ultra-strong homemade kefir that is fermented for several days.

The kefir is so sour that if you drink it too quickly, you can’t help but feel a wave of gagging coming on! When this happens, he uses this acupressure position to save himself from a highly unpleasant experience.

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  • Don’t eat right before the activity that tends to trigger the gag reflex. This will minimize the chances of vomiting.

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  • Practice eating foods that make you gag. If you still gag, avoid the food.

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