Fact and Opinion Games for Kids

Double Hassle

March 10, 2022

Disney-Pixar’s new movie is called Turning Red. It’s about a girl named Meilin Lee. She’s Chinese-Canadian. Meilin is having a tough time growing up. It doesn’t help that she turns into a giant red panda when she gets too excited.…



●     The annual report confirms

●     Scientists have lately found

●     Based on the outcomes of the exams…

●     The investigation demonstrated


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Animal information for youths

15. Slugs have 4 noses.

16. Bees are discovered in all places on the earth other than Antarctica.

17. Caterpillars have 12 eyes!

18. Horses and cows sleep standing up.

19. There are greater than 1,000 sorts of bats on the earth.

Credit: Canva

Credit score: Canva

20. A hippopotamus can run sooner than a person.

21. A crocodile can’t stick its tongue out.

22. Most bugs hatch from eggs.

23. Pigs can’t search for into the sky – it’s bodily not possible.

24. The shark is the one fish that may blink with each eyes.

25. An ostrich’s eye is greater than its complete mind.

26. Kangaroos can’t stroll backwards.

27. A canine’s nostril is sort of a human finger print – distinctive to its proprietor.

Credit: Canva

Credit score: Canva

28. Canines’ listening to is 10 instances higher than a human’s.

29. Canines can odor 100,000 instances higher than people.

30. A gaggle of frogs known as a military.

31. A pet hamster can run as much as 8 miles an evening on a wheel.

32. Monkeys can go bald in outdated age, identical to people.

33. Frogs drink water via their pores and skin.

34. Solely male toads croak.

35. Owls can’t transfer their eyeballs

36. Octopuses have blue blood and 9 brains.

Credit: Canva

Credit score: Canva

37. Emperor penguins can final 27 minutes underwater and might dive as deep as 500m.

38. A prawn or shrimp’s coronary heart is of their heads.

39. Hummingbirds can fly backwards.

40. A Tiger’s pores and skin is striped, prefer it’s fur.

41. Most fish don’t have eyelids.

42. Gorilla’s burp when they’re joyful.

43. Hippopotamus produces pink milk.

44. Slugs have 4 noses!

Credit: Canva

Credit score: Canva

What’s an opinion?

An opinion, in the meantime, is one thing that can’t be confirmed true or false:

  • Baseball is a horrible recreation.
  • Pink is a wonderful colour.
  • Anna is healthier than Elsa.
  • Minecraft is bizarre.

I’d personally suppose this stuff, and I may need actually good explanation why I believe all of them, however that doesn’t make them information as a result of they’re not provable. Plus, you would possibly have good causes for pondering that:

  • Baseball is one of the best sport.
  • Pink is an unsightly colour.
  • Elsa is healthier than Anna.
  • Minecraft is lots of enjoyable.

The complicated half right here is that opinions can appear actually apparent—and that’s how Laird will get into the connection between information and opinions.



Graphic organizers are a fantastic software to assist college students type the information and opinions in a textual content. Providing, as they do, a really visible technique of organizing info, graphic organizers assist college students drill their means to differentiate between the 2 varieties of statements till they turn out to be computerized.

Let’s check out one significantly helpful format for creating this talent:

The Truth and Opinion Chart


This straightforward chart consists of two columns helpfully labelled truth and opinion beneath a subject heading. College students work their method via a bit of textual content, sorting statements as they arrive throughout them into the suitable column on the graphic organizer. On the finish of this process, they are going to be left with a transparent segregation of the statements of the textual content in response to whether or not they’re goal information or subjective opinions.

Truth and Opinion Actions: Honing the Abilities

To turn out to be a talented, important reader a scholar should develop the flexibility to shortly consider a textual content for truth and opinion. To attain this, they need to apply distinguishing between truth and opinion to a degree the place it turns into a unconscious mechanism. The actions beneath will afford your college students these obligatory alternatives. They’ll additionally simply be tailored to a variety of ages and skills via cautious collection of the studying materials. READ OUR GREAT ARTICLE ON LITERACY GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS HERE