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How to Make the Halloween Shadow Puppets Printable

Follow these directions to make your own Halloween shadow puppets!

You just need a few things for these Halloween puppets, including bamboo skewers, paper, and a printer!

You can also just use the templates as a guide for tracing if you can’t get to a printer!

Hand Shadows For Kids: Over 30 Amazing Hand Shadow Puppets


Jun 18, 2019 · Filled with amazing hand shadows that are suitable for all ages, even the adults will enjoy these epic shadow puppets! All you need is your hands! These days kids are always stuck on their tablets or smartphones, technology seems to drive families apart even whe This large 8" by 10" hand shadows for kids book is packed with over 30 astonishing …


Things You’ll Need

  • Light-source (lamp, candle, etc)
  • Screen (Baking paper)
  • Cardboard box
  • Wooden sticks or straws
  • Paper (A strong type of paper is even better)
  • Tape
  • Sofa or table where you can hide behind

How to Make Shadow Puppets: Play and Learn with Lights


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10 Best Shadow puppets with hands images


Mar 8, 2019 – Explore Prashuk jain's board "Shadow puppets with hands" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Shadow puppets, Shadow puppets with hands, Puppets.

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Beauty and the Beast: Shadow Puppets

Inspired by the Beauty and the Beast fairy-tale, these printable shadow puppets will let the kids tell their version of the “tale as old as time.

Animal Shadow Puppets Guide – Primary Resources – Twinkl


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  • Tape the box up well so that it's sturdy and closed.
  • Then trace about 1 – 1 1/2 inches away from the edges of the large faces of the box. Do this on both sides. These are your marking lines.
  • Next cut out the large rectangles you just drew. We used a utility knife for this. Wait! Save the cardboard you just cut away! You can use that for making puppets.
  • If you need to add more tape to the inside of the box to make it more sturdy, go ahead and do that now.
  • Find a sheet of fairly thin white or light-colored paper. Tracing paper or wax paper would work well too. We just used plain old copy paper.
  • Tape that over the hole on one side only. That side with the paper faces your audience. The other side is where you, the puppetmaster will work your magic.

If you want to decorate your puppet theater, you can. But remember, it will be dark as you give your show, so the audience really won't see a lot of what you design on it. So keep it simple. The image to the right is an example of a possible border around your theater. Click it to find the original image.

Below are the puppets—simply shapes cut from cardboard with sticks taped on. We used bamboo skewers, but you can use craft sticks or straws as well. To make your puppets more lifelike, cut out legs, jaws, or arms separately from the body parts and attach them with paper fasteners (brads). Be sure to attach a stick to each part so you can move both pieces. Sprite made her shark have a hinged mouth! Very scary!

The stars of the shadow puppet show.

Cut Shadow Puppets with a Machine

If you have a silhouette cutting machine (Silhouette Portrait or Cricut), you can import the designs and have them cut in no time. Below, you will find my detailed tutorials on how to do that.

How to import a JPEG or PNG image in the Silhouette Studio

How to import a JPEG or PNG image in the Cricut Design Space  

Pros: The machine does a good job, and once you invest in it, you can use it for all the silhouettes you will ever need. I’m very fond of mine.

Cons: Not so cheap. On the other hand, for a crafter, it’s a really amazing investment, and cost is similar to a decent printer. Like a printer, there is the ongoing cost of expendables – you need to buy replacement mats and blades occasionally. 

Step 1: Lets Get Started

  1. Measure and cut a smaller size square or rectangle on the front of the box. Approx 2″ Inches away from the edges.

  1. Cut and tape a piece of wax paper inside the box.

How to make your own Nativity Shadow Puppet Show

If you are interested in downloading this set, you can do that through our newsletter sign up form above or by purchasing the templates in our store.

To make the shadow Puppets, I printed them on card stock paper and cut them out- the cutting took some time, so enlist a few helpers!

For the sticks, I used coffee stir sticks, but bamboo skewers would also work great! I taped them onto the back of the cut-outs. You could make them more durable and long-lasting by laminating them, if you want.

For the display, I used a white sheet and pinned it in the doorway. We shined a light onto the back of the sheet and let the kids act out the nativity story.

They had so much fun taking turns holding the diff

They had so much fun taking turns holding the different people and animals in the story! There are a lot of different puppets, so if you do it at a family gathering there will be enough parts for everyone!

When we get together for the holidays there are a lot of kids and grandkids, so everyone wants something to hold.

This is a beautiful, simple and fun way to to tell the nativity story!

Step 3: Making the Shadow Puppets

  1. Search on the web for images of the animals/characters in your story. Choose images with simple silhouettes.
  2. Print the images on a sheet of paper, lay it over your thick black cardstock and cut out the shapes using scissors and xacto knife.
  3. I used light colored tissue paper to color the eyes of my characters and props.
  4. Tape or use hot glue to stick the wooden skewer at the back of your puppets. (I also used poster gum to hold the sticks at the back of my characters. It worked great as you can angle the skewers a bit more)

A Pioneer SamplerA Great Living Book

This book is actually the inspiration for our making a shadow puppet theater! In the book, the Robertsons spend a cold winter's evening around the fire watching to Granny cast shadows on the wall as she tells a silly story about hobgoblins.

This is such a wonderful way to learn about the American pioneers. The book centers around the Robertsons, a backwoods family of nine. Engaging stories about their lives teach about the lifestyle of our American forefathers and mothers. Interspersed among the stories are factual pages with beautiful line drawings and activity suggestions. A fascinating book!

Thanks for visiting. I hope that your puppet theater is a grand success!


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