Does Bacon Grease Go Bad ? Yes, And Here's How To Store It

Does bacon grease go bad ?

Yes, bacon grease can and does go bad, after several months at room temperature. When bacon grease goes bad, it’s actually just the fat molecules breaking down and oxidizing. By this point the grease is no longer edible. It’s not lethal but is may cause an upset stomach.

There won’t be any mold or bacteria in the grease, since it’s not a god environment for them. They need moisture, not fat or oil. But fat does break down in time.

How to tell bacon grease has gone off

The first sign the grease has gone off is the smell. If it smells in any way sour and/or soapy, it’s time to throw it out. If you were to taste it you’d get a really odd flavor that will definitely not remind you of bacon.

Other Uses

Do not throw away bacon grease just because you are not a kitchen enthusiast; it has a wide array of applications aside from cooking.

Leaving the grease in a bug-infested area kills and repels them away. Additionally, applying the content on an area of the skin with a splinter softens it thus easing its removal.


Why Keeping Bacon Grease Can Be Handy. Unexpected Use Of Bacon Fat

Photo by freestocks
Photo by freestocks

We tend to make use of bacon grease in the kitchen for cooking mostly, but this foodstuff has several areas of use that can appear to be quite new! This is why we shall keep a jar of this foodstuff in the fridge.

1. Add it to the dog’s food

Yep, the bacon fat will work well when mixed into your pet’s meal! And if your dog used to refuse the food, from now on the plate will be empty.

2. Oil your baking utensils

Tins, baking bowls, and pans – bacon fat will be fine for everything, both sweet and savory dishes.

3. Infuse beverages

If you have a jar of fat in the fridge, make use of it for enriching your cocktail or liquor. They say the taste is great!

And of course, feel free to preserve some of it in the frosting camera for future use.

Bacon Grease on Dog Food

Is Bacon Grease Good or Bad for Dogs?

Many dogs will relish a dish of bacon fat. However, many veterinarians warn against giving the substance to dogs. Apparently, the high-fat diet will likely cause pancreatitis and obesity on the dog. Therefore, if you must give it to your dog then do it occasionally.

The next time you think of cooking bacon consider the best way to store its first.

How to store bacon grease in the refrigerator and freezer

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If your goal is to keep bacon grease for several months, then keep it in the refrigerator. You can store it in the refrigerator for up to six months in a glass or ceramic jar with a tight lid. For even longer storage, place it in the freezer and use it within nine months. In both situations, it will solidify, but you will still be able to scoop it out with a spoon (frozen grease will be more difficult). Another option is to simply let it sit at room temperature for an hour or so to soften before using it.

5 Ways to Use Bacon Grease

Bacon grease is a tasty substitute for butter and margarine in several recipes.

  1. Use it to sauté veggies: Bacon grease adds an extra dimension of flavor to everything from proteins to fresh veggies. Simmer your green beans with bacon fat and bacon bits or roast asparagus with a few tablespoons in the oven.
  2. Add it to homemade bread: Bacon grease can amp up the flavor of a traditional loaf of country bread, or you can use it to toast hearty wheat bread for a crispy grilled cheese sandwich. Add a few tablespoons of bacon grease to your cornbread or biscuit mix for a smoky flavor.
  3. Mix it into loaded mashed potatoes: Swap the butter in your recipe for mashed potatoes with bacon grease. Toss in shredded cheese, bacon bits, and chives for an added punch of flavor.
  4. Season your cast-iron skillet: After the initial wash, use a paper towel to coat your cast-iron skillet with bacon grease before letting it bake in the oven.
  5. Make scrambled eggs: Coat your pan with bacon fat before cracking your eggs instead of cooking spray.

Can You Freeze Bacon Grease?

Yes, you can freeze bacon grease, and it will last in the freezer for up to a year. You can por the strained bacon grease into a temperature safe and airtight container and then pop it in the freezer. To defrost your bacon grease, you should put the container into the refrigerator overnight, and use it up within a few days once it has been defrosted.

It is never recommended to refreeze bacon grease that has been defrosted as the repeated temperature changes can change the taste of the product. It can also lead the bacon grease to go off quicker than it otherwise would. However, bacon grease usually lasts long enough in the refrigerator that it doesn’t usually need to be frozen at all.

How to store bacon grease

Bacon grease should be stored in an airtight container and away from direct sunlight. If you have room in the fridge it’s even better, because you can keep that grease for up to a year.

A good container is either a plastic or glass jar, as long as it’s got a good seal. Always spoon out however much you need, don’t reheat the whole thing.

Other places to store bacon grease are the cupboard, a pantry, a dry cellar, and even on the counter if you can hide it from the sunlight. Always make sure the container is properly closed.

How To Tell If Bacon Grease Is Bad?

First, look for typical signs of going bad, like the presence of mold, any discolorations on the surface, or an off smell. If you’ve followed all the guidelines from the storage section above, that should almost never happen.

Rancidification is next in line. Like all fats, such as oils or lard, bacon grease is susceptible to going rancid. It can go rancid because of improper storage conditions, or simply from being stored too long in a container that wasn’t sealed tightly.

If the fat smells rancid or not quite as it used to, it’s probably rancid. While in most cases rancid fat is harmless, it doesn’t taste good. And that means the food you make with it will taste bad too. Because of that, it’s best to discard it.

If everything seems to be just fine with the grease, you can try a small amount before using it, just to make sure it’s okay.

How Long is Bacon Grease Good For?

Unfortunately, doesn’t last forever. How long bacon grease lasts depends on how you store it. The safest method is to refrigerate leftover bacon grease. In the refrigerator, bacon grease can last up to six months, but I’d throw it out after 90 days.

Try cooking with beef bacon, too

Beef bacon, it turns out, is interchangeable with the porky stuff for most cooking applications.


“We don’t eat pork at home, so beef bacon was a life changing discovery for me,” Elrod says. “I can use it in almost any place I would use pork bacon and it’s every bit as good.”

Deen Halal is the brand of beef bacon she uses most often, though it isn’t readily available at most grocery stores; she gets it from a restaurant supply store. So if you can’t find it, Elrod recommends a brand called Godshall’s, which you can get at some major grocery store chains.


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How to Tell if the Bacon Grease is Spoiled?

There are signs that will appear and from which you can tell if the bacon grease has gone bad. You need to be very careful and always check before use.

Rancidity is one of the signs that the grease is spoiled

If you leave the bacon grease to sit at room temperature for way too long, this is one of the signs that may appear. Actually, you need to keep it in a cold, dark place so it will last longer.

Mold is also another sign

If you keep bacon grease for way too long you’ll notice mold. You should immediately throw it away. Also, to avoid any contamination and mold growth, use clean and dry utensils. 

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Freezing Bacon Grease

As you surely know, bacon grease is all fat! This is why it is pretty easy to freeze it and store it in this state for up to a year without any significant changes. All you need to do for that is to strain this fat after cooking, pour it into the freezer-safe container, let it cool, seal tightly, and toss into your freezer!

When you need to make use of it, just remove the container to the fridge overnight and make sure you use it within a few days.

However, we would not recommend you refreeze gammon after defrosting, even though it is technically possible to do! See, the temperature fluctuations will make its taste and texture degrade, moreover, the fat will go rancid way faster!

What we suggest you do is to freeze it in an ice cube tray! Like this, you will have small portions of bacon fat ready to use for cooking, and you will not have to defrost the whole batch each time you need a spoon or two of it!

Well, below we will tell you all the useful information we know about the bacon grease shelf life.

Join us and enjoy it!

Credits: Joshua Resnik, via
Credits: Joshua Resnik, via

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How Long Does Bacon Grease Last?

Store your container in the fridge where it will last for three months, or in the freezer where it will last indefinitely. Storing the grease in the fridge is the best for easy access to soft fat whenever you want it.