Do Batteries Really Last Longer if They are Stored in the Refrigerator?

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Freezing can help prolong the life of NiMH and NiCd batteries, which start to deteriorate if left on the shelf. According to industry studies, storing NiMH batteries in the freezer can boost their effective lifespan by 90 percent; NiCd batteries will retain their charge longer too. Keeping common alkaline batteries cool will prolong their shelf life by anywhere from 5 to 20 percent. For best results, store batteries in a sealed zip-lock bag. Related: 12 Ways to Put Your Home on an Energy Diet


Can You Freeze Cooked Chicken?

In short: yes. You can freeze virtually all types of cooked meat, as long as you do it properly. Many ready meals, which contain meat, are cooked and then frozen, so the same principle applies to home freezing.

Make sure you cook the chicken thoroughly and leave it to cool before freezing (don’t leave it for longer than 2 hours though).

Keep frozen cooked meat for no longer than three to six months.

Follow any instructions for home freezing on the p

Follow any instructions for home freezing on the packaging of chicken and other meats. Consider marinating it before cooking to improve the texture or flavour for when it’s defrosted.

Follow these tips when freezing chicken, fish, pork, beef, and other meat: 

  • Trim off excess fat before freezing. Greater amounts of fat increase the risk of rancidity occurring during frozen storage (this doesn’t make it unsafe, but makes it unappetising to eat).
  • Always defrost meat slowly and safely, preferably for a few hours in the fridge. Make sure it’s in a suitable container and on the lowest shelf (not in the veg drawer) so it doesn’t drip onto other foods.
  • Do not cook chicken directly from frozen. You must defrost it first.
  • Don’t put stuffing in meat or poultry before freezing. It can keep growing bacteria before it’s fully frozen.
  • Wrap the meat properly or keep it in sealed containers, otherwise it may get freezer-burn.

Can You Freeze Sausages and Bacon?

Yes. You can keep sausages and bacon frozen for up to 2 months before they deteriorate in quality. They will still be safe to eat after 2 months but may have lost some of their flavour and texture. Remember that the fat on meat goes rancid if left too long (it will look and taste unpleasant, but isn’t dangerous), so trim fatty bacon before freezing.

Seed Saver


If you went a little overboard buying seeds for this growing season, don’t toss the extras—store them in the freezer to preserve them for next year. Make sure the seeds are thoroughly dry, then package them in an airtight container or zip-lock bag to be placed in the freezer until you’re ready to garden again. Give the seeds plenty of time to thaw before planting. Related: Pro Tips: Square Foot Gardening

How To Power Your ARB Fridge Freezer Without Killing Your Vehicle Battery

Well… Really… the simplest answer to this question is… Use a separate battery to power your fridge. Your starter battery may well be able to manage the load over the short term, you will eventually ruin it. This is not only expensive but if you’re in the middle of the bush and can’t start your car it can be inconvenient at best and life-threatening at worst.

The best solution is to get a deep cycle battery, drop it into a good quality battery box (like one of the ArkPack ones) and power your fridge from that. The table below gives you an indication on how long you might be able to run it for without recharging.

ARB Fridge/Freezer SizeCurrent Draw (Amps/hr)60ah Deep-Cycle Battery80ah Deep-Cycle Battery100ah Deep-Cycle Battery

NOTE: These are theoretical maximums. Lots of factors will affect these times. For example, these times assume you discharge the deep-cycle battery 70% (30% of total charge remaining), and they assume that your battery has 100% of its’ listed capacity. I’d suggest taking a few hours off each estimate just to cover yourself. I don’t want you’re cursing my name when your beer goes warm! That’s way too much responsibility for even my humungous, muscular, Adonis-like shoulders.

What is the time taken for the beer to chill in a fridge?

Frist ensure the beers are in room temperature, which is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. You should place the bottles on the fridge for the test and measure the temperature after an hour. You will realize that the temperature drops hastily, then it starts to slow down with time.

By the time the beer reaches 20 degrees Fahrenheit, it will be after five hours or so. Definitely, five hours is long time for you or your friends to taste the beer.

What are other methods to cool your brew in fifteen minutes?

Before placing the bottle in a freezer, you can decide on this option. You only need a bucket or a basin, ice cubes, and salty water. Plunge your beer cans or bottles in the solution and wait for them to cool.

I like using salt because it lowers the freezing point of ice and water. The salt still improves the icy water contact with the bottle surface for it to cool.

Did you know that you can dry a brew in thirty seconds? That would be fun to spray your beer with compressed air like a fire extinguisher. You can do this even when the bottles are laid on your freezer.

Cold storage issues

This was coupled with the fact that a battery will drain faster if you take it straight out of a cold environment and start using it. In the case of zinc-carbon, all those self-discharge savings are quickly lost if the battery is used straight from the chiller!

On top of this, many people experienced batteries which rusted faster and then leaked due to the condensation caused by cooling and/or warming of the batteries too quickly. This was also caused by using them straight away where the heat the battery generated caused the condensation.

This all then lead to the general advice that fridge or freezer storage of batteries was a bad idea and there was nothing to be gained from it.

How Long Will Food Last In The Freezer Without Power?

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

However, being aware of the period your freezer will stay working is not the only important thing you need to take into account.

The power outage affects the food in the freezer slowly which may cause its spoiling if no measures are taken in time.

Depending on the type of freezer you are using, the average time that the food can spend in it without any harm varies from one to four days.

If the foodstuff is being kept in the ordinary freezing camera that belongs to the fridge, it will remain frozen for two days there.

However, if we are talking an upright freezer, it can keep the groceries frozen for four days in case it is fully filled.

If not, count on the term of twenty-four hours. 

Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash
Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

Generally, the temperature inside the freezer is either zero degrees or lower.

If you have a thermometer in the freezer and it shows that its content has spent more than two hours at above forty degrees, certain types of foodstuff must be discarded instantly.

Among them there are:

Manufacturer contradictions

Contradictory advice now abounds, even from the most respectable of sources.

A clear example is Energizer. Their Non-rechargeable batteries: Frequently Asked Questions document specifically states that “storage in a refrigerator or freezer is not required or recommended for batteries produced today” but their Carbon-Zinc application manual provides data proving that their own range of carbon based batteries benefit from reduced self discharge and states “The storage of carbon zinc batteries at temperatures below 21°C will increase their service maintenance” before going on to demonstrate that “storage at 5 to 10°C is effective“.

You would be forgiven for thinking that if a company like Energizer has mixed messages … who really knows?


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