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Does Using This Site Make Sense?

I’m always skeptical about new sites such as these, often they aren’t really useful at all and are just a quick cash grab on unsuspecting consumers. I thought I’d compare the rates that this site offers (column 2), to the best rate you could sell a gift card for in cash (column 3).

I also thought it’d be interesting to see if it’d make sense to convert gift cards to Walmart gift cards first and then sell Walmart gift cards for cash, rather than selling the other gift cards for cash directly (column 4). At the moment when you sell Walmart gift cards you can get 90.5% of their face value in cash, so we used this as our rate.

The final thing I wanted to look at is whether you’d be better off selling your gift cards for cash and then purchasing Walmart gift cards from a reseller (column 5), rather than using this new website. At the moment you can get a 4% discount when purchasing Walmart giftcards for cash using a reseller.

Store nameCardCash/Walmart RateBest Cash RateWalmart GC To CashCash To Walmart GC
Best Buy92.40%89.50%83.62%93.08%
Bath & Body Works75.60%74.50%68.42%77.48%
Toys ‘R’ Us84%81%76.02%84.24%
Jet Blue87.67%84%79.34%87.36%

Results of our testing

  • It only made sense to convert a gift card to a Walmart gift card and then sell that giftcard for cash once and that was when selling an Amazon gift card. For some reason Amazon gift cards have a low buy rate on all reselling sites, but a high rate (94.5%) when exchange for a Walmart gift card. In general you were always better off selling your gift card for cash directly.
  • Sometimes you were better off using this site if you wanted Walmart gift cards
  • Sometimes you were better off selling an unwanted gift card for cash and then purchasing a Walmart gift card at a discount from a reseller


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