Can You Defrost Chicken In Hot Water? The Ultimate Guide

The right way to Defrost rooster

Relying on how a lot time you’ve got, frozen chicken can be defrosted within the fridge, a chilly water bathtub, or microwave. Every methodology has its execs and cons, however ultimately, you’ll have thawed rooster that’s able to be cooked.

Thawing Hen within the Fridge

The most secure technique to thaw meat is by shifting it to the fridge first, however that includes some planning prematurely and might take as much as 2 days, relying on the quantity of frozen rooster. 

  • Permit as much as 24 hours per 1 to five kilos of frozen meat.
  • It’s finest to maintain the meat within the backside drawer in order that if something leaks, it doesn’t contaminate meals saved beneath it. In case your rooster has already been unwrapped, place it in a bowl or pan to catch all of the juices. Gross, proper? Nevertheless it’s yet another factor to keep away from a mishap.
  • Fridges set at 35F take longer to thaw than these set at 40F so verify your fridge’s settings earlier than you get began so you may know what to anticipate.

Fridge-thawed objects stay secure for a day or so and might be refrozen if wanted (however there may be some lack of high quality).

For those who’re not cooking straight away, retailer thawed meats within the coldest components of your fridge.

The right way to Thaw in Chilly Water

A water bath is the best method to thaw frozen meats in case you’re brief on time.

Time wanted: 1 hour and half-hour.

Thawing Hen in Water

  1. Seize a bag

    Place the meat in a leak-proof, zip-top bag to keep away from the water getting in and making your meat soggy.

  2. Into the water

    Submerge your bag in chilly faucet water, altering the water each half-hour.

  3. How lengthy it takes

    Small baggage (round 1 pound) might take as much as an hour. A 3 to 4-pound bag might take 2 to three hours.

Meals thawed utilizing this methodology needs to be cooked earlier than re-freezing. You’ll wish to prepare dinner your meat pretty rapidly after thawing, relying on how lengthy your meat has been out of the fridge.

For Reducing Hen into Items

If you could lower frozen boneless meat into smaller items, partially thaw utilizing this methodology, take away it from the bag, and lower.

The frozen core within the meat helps hold it from sliding round as you narrow, permitting for neater, extra uniform slices. Put the items again within the leak-proof bag, seal, and end thawing.

Verify the items, and alter the water extra typically to thaw quicker. Plan to prepare dinner straight away after thawed as a result of by opening the bag, you’ve launched micro organism that might be breeding in there!

Thawing Hen within the Microwave

Using the microwave to thaw chicken is the least ideally suited of the “secure” thawing strategies as a result of the meat will get heated erratically. It’s finest used for boneless, skinless rooster breasts, don’t attempt it on entire chickens.

  • Set your microwave to “Defrost” or 50% energy to stop the surface from getting cooked whereas the within stays frozen. Instances range primarily based on weight, however in case you aren’t positive, defrost for two minutes, let stand for 1 minute, then verify the progress. Repeat.
  • In case your frozen meat is in items, pause the defrosting each jiffy to interrupt the items aside.
  • If utilizing this methodology, plan to prepare dinner instantly after thawing as a result of components of the meat can attain the “hazard zone” temperature for breeding micro organism (between 40F and 140F).

Meals thawed utilizing this methodology needs to be cooked earlier than re-freezing.

The right way to Prepare dinner Frozen Hen Breasts

When there simply isn’t sufficient time to thaw frozen meals, simply bear in mind: It’s secure to prepare dinner from the frozen state!

The cooking time will improve by roughly 50% over the advisable time for contemporary or thawed meats.

Instance: If it takes 30-40 minutes for uncooked rooster breasts to bake, anticipate 45 to an hour for frozen. To verify for doneness, be certain that to make use of a meat thermometer. A rooster breast is totally cooked when the inner temperature is 165F on the thickest a part of the breast.


The right way to Defrost Hen within the Microwave

Some newer microwaves have settings that help you defrost or thaw rooster (and plenty of different components) by merely urgent a button.  Learn your instruction handbook to see in case your microwave has this type of capability, and observe particular instructions having to do with the quantity of rooster, and the kind of lower.

How Lengthy to Thaw Hen in Microwave?

In any other case, you may thaw your rooster within the microwave however it’ll require some consideration in your half.   Set the microwave to defrost, and verify each jiffy to see when it’s thawed correctly.  Transfer the rooster round within the microwave, particularly in case you don’t have a rotating tray.  Even if you’re tremendous vigilant, typically the thinner components of the rooster will begin to prepare dinner a bit whereas the thicker components are nonetheless thawing, so it’s not the best methodology for defrosting.

Hen and all meat thawed within the microwave needs to be cooked straight away.

What’s the Protected Temperature for Hen?

Nonetheless you prepare dinner your rooster, whether or not it was frozen or not, you wish to be certain that it will get to an inner temperature of 165°F.  One of the simplest ways to measure the temperature is to insert an immediate learn thermometer into the thickest a part of the rooster. 

It’s best to keep in mind carryover cooking, which is the truth that the rooster will proceed to prepare dinner a bit after it leaves the warmth.  So, the temperature will proceed to climb a a handful of levels, and also you would possibly wish to take it from the warmth when the thermometer reaches 160°F, after which watch the temp climb to 165°F.  That’s the secure temp for rooster.

Additionally see: How to Safely Thaw Frozen Meat.

The Course of:

Take out your frozen poultry and place it in your kitchen counter as you put together to prepare dinner it.

Arrange your range prime and take a pan that’s sufficient to suit the entire poultry.

You might also use your oven in case you need to, relying on the type of dish you’re going to make.

After establishing the range prime, place your rooster and switch it on. Prepare dinner the poultry as you often would.

Make sure that the components should not clumped up in a single massive ball, place the cuts away from one another to make sure they correctly prepare dinner.

Transfer the rooster each 5 minutes as you prepare dinner them.

Take observe when doing this methodology, you could add 50% extra time when doing so.

As an example, in case you plan to make a rooster soup that can take 40 minutes, add 50 minutes of cooking, so the entire recipe will take you about 90 minutes to complete.

Ideas and Methods for Marinating Frozen Hen

So now that you realize that frozen rooster might be marinated, let’s check out some ideas and tips that you must keep in mind when doing this. 

The primary trick that we might advocate is defrosting the rooster earlier than you apply the marinade. This ensures that the water that comes out of the rooster whereas it’s defrosting won’t affect the marinade, and you can be left with juicy and flavorful rooster to eat. 

However, after all, this isn’t at all times doable, and so that you would possibly select to use the marinade to the rooster earlier than it defrosts. For those who do that, you ought to be ready for the ultimate end result to be much less flavorful, however there are some issues that you are able to do to boost the style.

One choice that you’ve got is to arrange extra marinade, and proceed to therapeutic massage extra marinade into the rooster whereas it defrosts.

You could possibly additionally barely alter the components utilized in your marinade in order that in addition they embrace an acidic ingredient as this might help bind the marinade to the rooster. 

The ultimate tip that we might recommend is making ready your marinade and making use of it to the rooster earlier than you freeze it.

Clearly, this isn’t one thing that you are able to do on the final minute, however this is a wonderful technique to obtain flavorful rooster that has been frozen. Whereas the rooster freezes the marinade will soak into the rooster and obtain full taste as in case you had been marinating contemporary rooster. 

Microwave Thawing

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Some microwaves have settings that help you particularly defrost rooster by merely urgent a button. Learn your instruction handbook to see in case your microwave has this setting and observe particular instructions having to do with the quantity of rooster and the kind of lower.

For those who don't have a programmed rooster defrost setting, you may nonetheless use your microwave to thaw however it’ll require some further consideration in your half. Set the microwave to defrost and verify each jiffy to see when it’s thawed correctly. Transfer the rooster round within the microwave periodically, flipping and repositioning, particularly in case you don’t have a rotating tray.

Even if you’re vigilant, typically the thinner components of the rooster will begin to prepare dinner a bit whereas the thicker components are nonetheless thawing, so it’s not an excellent methodology and should end in among the rooster being over-cooked and difficult. Meat thawed within the microwave needs to be cooked straight away.

Quick Technique 2: Chilly Water Thawing

Any thawing methodology you utilize ought to attempt to keep away from protecting the meat within the Hazard Zone. Chilly water thawing is a quick technique to thaw meat whereas utterly avoiding bringing your meat inside the Hazard Zone.

Chilly water thawing works finest with smaller cuts of meat reminiscent of floor beef, steak, or rooster items. It’s not as efficient for big roasts or some time rooster and one of many different strategies are higher suited.

Step 1: Seal the meat in zip-lock baggage

When you might merely submerge the meat right into a bowl of chilly water, it’s not advisable. Not solely will the meat take up water and presumably change into water-logged, however it might additionally introduce micro organism to the meat.

In case your meat’s packaging is vacuum-sealed as proven beneath, then you may merely submerge your entire packaging within the water.

The key point is that you don’t want any air

The important thing level is that you simply don’t need any air within the packaging or within the zip-lock bag. Any air will sluggish the thawing course of considerably.

For those who slowly submerge your bag earlier than sealing it, you may take away the entire air (don’t let the water go into the bag) and seal it.

Make sure that the bag or packaging you utilize is totally leak-proof to keep away from exterior contamination or water-logging.

Step 2: Submerge the meat in chilly water

As soon as your meat is packaged up, submerge it into an enormous bowl of chilly water.

Make sure that your entire package deal is totally submerged to get the perfect outcomes. It’s possible you’ll want so as to add a bowl with weight on prime to maintain all the things beneath the floor.

Why chilly water? You would possibly suppose that utilizing heat or scorching water will velocity the method up. The issue with utilizing heat or scorching water is that it’ll rapidly warmth up the floor of the meat and hold it inside the Hazard Zone your entire time it’s submerged. Not good. The one time heat or scorching water might be thought of is whenever you’re thawing skinny cuts of meat. Skinny cuts will thaw rapidly (lower than 10 minutes), which is able to restrict the time spent within the Hazard Zone. So long as you instantly prepare dinner the meat at an appropriate temperature after thawing, it will likely be okay.

Chilly water submersion could be very efficient at rapidly defrosting meat as a result of water is a wonderful conductor when in comparison with air. Think about sitting in a scorching sauna vs water on the similar temperature. You would possibly be capable of face up to the recent air in a sauna, however the identical temperature water would severely burn you in seconds.

Step 3: Stir the Water Each 5-10 Minutes

Because the bowl of chilly water begins to thaw the meat, it’ll develop a chilly barrier in opposition to the meat packaging. This barrier kinds when the water is left untouched.

Stirring the water will disturb the barrier and velocity up the thawing course of. It’s okay in case you’re not capable of recurrently stir the water, it simply helps velocity up the method.

Step 4: Exchange the water each half-hour

For those who’re thawing numerous meat or massive items, it’ll take longer to thaw. Because the meat thaws, it cools the water down in the direction of its freezing level. This slows the thawing course of down.

Changing the water each half-hour or so will velocity up the thawing course of. This can stop the water within the bowl from getting too chilly and slowing down the thawing course of.


  • Improperly defrosted rooster is unsafe to eat. As soon as the rooster reaches 40 °F (4 °C), micro organism multiplies on it. Defrost rooster with warning and throw away spoiled meat.

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