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Expert Techniques From A Massage Therapy Instructor

If you’re looking for the perfect way to surprise that special someone in your life, consider giving him or her an all-out, deeply relaxing back massage. While store-bought items can be great, they can’t beat a really good back rub. You don’t have to be a trained professional to successfully give a high quality back rub—watch this massage video and learn the key beginner massage techniques to give a relaxing and memorable massage.


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How do I give a back massage?

You can use lotion, cocoa butter, oil, or lanolin for a massage.

  • Put a small amount of warm lotion or oil on your hands. Rub your hands together so the lotion is spread evenly on your hands.
  • Move your hands slowly during the massage to help the person relax.
  • Start massaging the back at the lower back. Move your hands upward on both sides of the spine all the way to the shoulders.
  • Make a circular motion as you move your hands upward. Press a bit more firmly with your thumbs as you make the circles.
  • Move across the shoulders and start moving down the upper arms. Use less pressure as you move downward.
  • Ask if you are applying too much or too little pressure as you massage. Ask the person to tell you if he feels pain in any area. Do not massage a painful area, or massage it very gently.
  • Apply more lotion on your hands as needed.

Now Its Your Turn

Back pain is a very common issue that is self-trea

Back pain is a very common issue that is self-treatable, as well as, preventable given the right techniques and tips. Some steps you can take to prevent back pain are: stretching before prolonged or strenuous activities, avoiding activities that force you to remain seated for a prolonged period, maintaining an active lifestyle, maintaining a healthy diet, and keeping a healthy weight.

All of these tips can help prevent back pain but won’t necessarily stop it from happening. You may also want to complement massages with regular chiropractic visits but be sure to get a doctors approval before booking an appointment, as to avoid further damage or pain. Just as a caution, always ask the loved one you are massaging to let you know if anything feels tender or hurts. Listen to them and make sure to follow their instruction when it comes to placement and pressure of each massage. If any pain worsens or is chronic, please seek a Licensed Massage Therapist or Medical Professional.

In addition, there is another way to relief to a loved one who suffers from neck pain and lower back pain by using a good massage pillow. It will help you save the time, all you need to do is just put on your car seat and press the button.

Thank you for reading this tutorial and feel free to comment below!

Back Massage Tips

  • Be sure to move your body while you apply pressure on a person’s back during a massage. Doing so can help maintain your stamina and can also help prevent you from accidentally injuring yourself.
  • Be sure to pick high quality massage oil before beginning the back massage. Recommended oils include those like olive, grape seed, blended oils and more. Avoid strong fragrances for the best results.05

Different Massage Techniques

Here are some easy massage techniques for an amazing back massage:

  1. Effleurage or stroking – the use of two hands, with one being supported; for warm-up.
  2. Petrissage or kneading – the rhythmic grasping and squeezing of muscle with alternate hands.
  3. Friction – the supported finger, thumb, or forearm presses.
  4. Compression or deep pressure – the static thumb, knuckle, or elbow for knots.
  5. Tapotement or percussion – the loose wrist fists and pinchies.
  6. Vibration and shaking – the vibration of hands in one place or the picking up of a limb, pulling it a little, and shaking it.
  7. Effleurage ­­– the cooldown.

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