21 Toddler Boy Haircuts For A Stylish And Adorable Look

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  1. Stylish Toddler Boy Haircuts
  2. Faux-Hawk
  3. Mohawk
  4. Classic
  5. Long Haircut
  6. Long-On-Top Haircut
  7. Curly
  8. Surfer
  9. Shaggy
  10. Punk
  11. Medium Length
  12. Video
  13. Smooth Quiffed Taper
  14. Long On Top, Short On Sides
  15. Disconnected Cut Toddlers Hairstyles Boy
  16. #6. The classic toddler cut
  17. Common mistakes parents make when cutting their biracial boys curly hair
  18. The right amount of pressure for your toddler or young boy hair
  19. Get up closes for perfect mixed race boy hairstyles
  20. Avoid using dull or dirty haircutting tools
  21. Tips for taking curly hair biracial boys to the barbershop
  22. Find a barbershop that is close to your home
  23. Call ahead and make an appointment so you don’t have to wait in line
  24. Ask the barber if they have experience with biracial hair
  25. Bring pictures of haircuts you like and show them to the barber before cutting their hair
  26. Bring snacks or toys with you so they can enjoy themselves while getting their haircut
  27. Black boys’ haircuts
  28. Edged out black boys’ haircut
  29. Faded black boys’ haircut
  30. Flattop black boys’ haircut
  31. Undercut black boys’ haircut
  32. Deep wave black boys’ haircut
  33. Short curls black boys’ haircut
  34. Tapered Afro haircut for black boys
  35. Step 4: Trim the Edges
  36. 14. Simple and Sophisticated Little Boy Haircuts
  37. 8. Short and Cute Great Haircuts for Little Boys
  38. #1. Faded hairstyle with side-part
  39. Gliden Tree Baby and Kids Moisturizing Cream:
  40. How to Cut Toddler Boy Hair with Clippers
  41. Young boys’ haircuts
  42. Red dreadlocks haircut for boys
  43. Devil-lock boys’ haircut
  44. Short spiky boys’ haircut
  45. Shag boys’ haircut
  46. Little rebel haircut for boys
  47. Heartthrob fringe boys’ haircut
  48. Little rascal haircut for boys
  49. Medium long haircut for sporty boys
  50. Rocker haircut for boys
  51. Mullet haircut for boys
  52. Fauxhawk haircut for boys
  53. Pageboy haircut for boys
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  55. Running Wild: 10+ Tousled and Stylishly Disheveled Hairstyles You Should Try

Stylish Toddler Boy Haircuts

Having a real haircut only means that your son is growing up and not a baby anymore. Here are some stylish toddler boy haircuts that will surely be adorable for your son.


 Faux-Hawk Toddler boy haircuts
Faux-Hawk Toddler boy haircuts

Others also call this hairstyle as “spikes.” If your kid wants a rocker hairstyle like some of his idols then show him the Faux Hawk. Your son will surely be the coolest little guy in his school or in the playground.


 Toddler boy haircuts
Toddler boy haircuts

Even if your kid does not have long hair on top, he can still choose this cool hairdo. You will catch a lot of men with the Mohawk but as you can see kids can also look good with this hairstyle.


 Classic Toddler boy haircuts
Classic Toddler boy haircuts

Some kids are born with healthy and straight hair. This is a cute classic hairstyle for your toddler. It is not too short and at the same time, it is not too boring. The cut will keep him looking tidy wherever he goes.

Long Haircut

 Toddler boy haircuts – Originally posted by
Toddler boy haircuts – Originally posted by fkids

Your toddler can also look great with a long hairstyle. It is a fact that it can be difficult to get young kids to sit still for a haircut. However, with proper grooming and styling, he can still look adorable with long hair.

Long-On-Top Haircut

 Long-On-Top Toddler boy haircuts
Long-On-Top Toddler boy haircuts

Toddler boy haircuts comprise of simple yet stylish haircuts which can suit your little boy. This haircut with longer hair on top can be perfect for school and attending special events. It already looks charming with or without applying hair products.


Curly Toddler boy haircuts
Curly Toddler boy haircuts

If your little boy has wavy hair then you can show them off with this hairstyle. The curls are styled in a natural way. Just always remember to trim regularly so it will not get in your kid’s face.


Surfer’s Little boy haircuts
Surfer’s Little boy haircuts

In this surfer haircut, the kid’s hair is longer on top and at the same time full on its sides.  It can give your little kid a cool look wherever he goes. You can style it casually or add some small amount of hair products to keep your kid’s hair in place.


Shaggy Little boy haircuts
Shaggy Little boy haircuts

While others have straight hair, some kids are born with wavy hair. As seen above, this shaggy hairstyle consists of long bangs and longer hair at the back. It is perfect for kids who are comfortable with having long thick hair.


There are parents that are comfortable with allowing their kids to have artistic haircuts. This is a perfect long punk haircut for kids who look up to rock celebrities. It looks so amazing with this cute kid.

Medium Length

Originally posted by lacidavisphotography
Originally posted by lacidavisphotography

For little boys not wanting very short or long hair, you can show them this medium length hairstyle. This is probably one of the most comfortable toddler boy haircuts that you can suggest to your kid.


Smooth Quiffed Taper

Classically tapered, this haircut is one to always regard as a go-to when you’re not really sure what to go for. Clean and very smart.

Long On Top, Short On Sides

The short sides long top haircut is not only one of the most popular men’s hairstyles but the boy’s as well. Such little boys haircuts are suitable for basically any hair type, from fine to thick. Again, it gives you multiple styling options. So it’s up to you to decide which of toddler hairstyles your little dandy will sport.


Source: @r.braid via Instagram


Disconnected Cut Toddlers Hairstyles Boy

A disconnected undercut guarantees your little guy an edgy and bold look thanks to the striking difference in length between the hair on the sides and top. Because the transition is abrupt, this hairstyle already attracts quite a lot of attention. Thus, the styling can be pretty simple.


#6. The classic toddler cut

A classic toddler haircut is that which lets the hair adapt to the shape of the scalp almost completely and is generally of an optimum length of about the haircut number 5. This is something that’s widely done on toddlers. Not much styling is needed if we can get this right. How to get it: It is easy and can be done at home by moms as well as a hairstylist. All you have to do is trim the edges as the hair grows out naturally each season.

Common mistakes parents make when cutting their biracial boys curly hair

Who doesn’t love when their babies get to go get a haircut for the first time? Don’t be caught off guard by those curls though. There are many mistakes parents make when cutting their toddler boy hair for the first time!

The right amount of pressure for your toddler or young boy hair

When cutting mixed-race boys’ hair, it often requires a delicate touch to use the right amount of pressure. You want to be aware of the amount of pressure for two reasons.

  • First, you don’t want the child to be in pain, it will cause them to squirm and move around.
  • Second, if the pressure is too heavy then it can lead to a patchy haircut. This will result in hairs cut closer than others which will cause “an uneven fade haircut”.

Curly hair often requires more patience and a lighter touch to get the right amount of pressure.

A good way to determine how much pressure you need for your mixed boy’s hair is by practicing on a model or family member with curly hair. It may take some time, but figuring out the right technique takes effort. Practice makes perfect!

Get up closes for perfect mixed race boy hairstyles

You need to get up close to your little ones to get a good cut. Hair that is high and tight or considered curly requires special attention to ensure it is cut properly. Getting close when cutting your son’s hair will ensure you do not miss any spots, thus preventing razor burns or cuts.

Avoid using dull or dirty haircutting tools

The secret to good haircuts for black curly haired boys is using sharp, clean hair clippers. You will need to routinely sanitize and change the hair clipper blades. This is because the type of hair texture biracial boys have can get tangled in the blade if your trimmer blades are not properly maintained.

Clipper blades that need to be replaced after they are dull will snag on the curls and cause a lot of pain to your baby boy. Here are some ideas to help you avoid snagging your sons curly hair during cuts:

  • Inspect the blade for any signs of hair or debris.
  • Replace dull or chipped blades with one that is sharp.
  • If you are using electric clippers, make sure to dry them after use in order to prevent rusting from moisture on blades.
  • Sanitize with alcohol and oil your clipper blade with WD-40 before and after every hair trimming.

Following these steps will assure that a toddler biracial boy haircut goes smoothly with no snagging and pain.

Tips for taking curly hair biracial boys to the barbershop

The barbershop could be intimidating for a toddler or biracial boy with curly hair. A skilled barber will be able to adapt and still provide a quality haircut for your mixed son. The barbers should be aware that boys with curly, natural hair are different from men who have kinky hair. There are specific techniques that need to be used when cutting a mixed kid’s hair.

The best haircuts for black boys with mixed hair are usually high and tight haircuts. Keep in mind that this hairstyle for the baby boy will showcase their cool curls and keep up with the current trends.

Another benefit of these haircuts is they are the easiest to maintain… This is because they require little styling or product to keep them nice and cute. The barbershop needs to have products for curly mixed children, such as gel, wax, pomade, and other natural oils. This can help dads and moms style their mixed son’s curly hair at home if they want to improve the quality of their kid’s hairstyle.

The best haircuts for biracial kids should offer versatility to the curly hair texture of the child. A barber should also be able to offer a variety of haircuts for curly hair that will match any face shape…

Here are some tips for taking a curly-haired biracial boy to the barbershop:

Find a barbershop that is close to your home

It is a good idea to find a barber near your location and explore the place before you decide to take your biracial boy there. Remember, it’s important that your child feels comfortable in their surroundings… They should know the barber beforehand for a successful experience.

Some children may prefer having one specific person cut their hair for them. Finding a barber near you that are good with young children and with curly hair is tough but not impossible. Curly hairstyles are not easy to cut and not the same as African-American haircuts.

There are barbershops equipped with skilled staff who can cut mixed toddler boy haircuts. So, take the time out to research barbers near your area for the best results for your baby boy haircuts.


Call ahead and make an appointment so you don’t have to wait in line

Calling ahead is often overlooked when planning a visit to the barber for a biracial boy’s first haircut. Setting an appointment not only saves you time but you’ll be able to prepare the barber and ask questions. If you call ahead, have a headshot of your child available to show the barber.

The last thing you want to do is wait around for a long time and have your kid sit through a haircut. That’s a recipe for disaster… You want the first haircut for your mixed toddler to be quick and easy!

Ask the barber if they have experience with biracial hair

You should be sure the barber you choose for your son has experience cutting boys with curly hair. If you are unsure of the hair groomer experience with curly hair texture, just ask!

You should avoid hiring a hairstylist with limited or no experience cutting people with curly hair. If the barber seems hesitant to cut your biracial child’s hair, or if they don’t know how then ask for a different barber. The key to providing a good biracial boy haircut is understanding how to cut it. This will assure maximum hair cut quality for your son.

Bring pictures of haircuts you like and show them to the barber before cutting their hair

Choosing the right hairstyles for boys isn’t easy, you have to take into consideration face shape, hair types, and the desired look. Unlike girls, biracial boys haircuts styles need to meet specific criteria in order to achieve a good hair cut.

  • Bring pictures of haircuts you like that suit a biracial boy’s hairstyle and show them to the barber before cutting their hair… This way he will know how much hair to cut from different areas on the head and what length is appropriate for your child’s hairstyle.

One of the best places to find images of curly hairstyles for biracial boys is on Pinterest. Pinterest offers a wide variety of haircuts and styles for biracial boys. Follow your favorite pin boards and you’ll find all the hairstyles your son will love.

I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to biracial boys haircuts styles. Follow my pin boards on Pinterest and you’ll be able to view the full gallery of biracial boys haircuts. I’m sure you will find many new ideas for kids haircuts in my Pinterest gallery!

Bring snacks or toys with you so they can enjoy themselves while getting their haircut

The first visit to a barbershop could be frightening for a child. There is a lot of new sights, smells, and noises to take in all at once. It can be so overwhelming that they may start crying or even run away!


Bringing snacks or toys along with you will help distract them while getting their haircut. This could also include things like singing songs for the little ones who enjoy music. The whole process should go much smoother if your kids don’t experience any distress during it!

Black boys’ haircuts

Edged out black boys’ haircut The shortest haircut represents a buzzed style with a few lined details. A low maintenance haircut requires no styling that is why it is really easy to care for the neat appearance of your child. The only thing you will need is a good shampoo to keep the hair and scalp clean, fresh and healthy. In fact, the haircut goes well with all face shapes and even hair types. However, it is recommended to pay a visit to a barber to maintain a sharp look at this haircut. It looks really cute, up the edge and matches boys’ cool attitude to life.

Faded black boys’ haircut This haircut is considered to be one of the most frequently seen on black boys and men. It supposes lots of variations; therefore the haircut is really interesting. The high fade features complete disappearing of hair higher than the natural lines of its growth at the back and temples of the head. Whilst low fade haircut demonstrates hair disappearing approximately an inch over the lines of hair growth. If you choose a mixed haircut between these two, it is called a regular fade that is recommended to start with. Also, there is a high top fade where the top of the hair stands in a vertical position, the back and sides are trimmed to fade; thus tightly coiled natural hair looks fabulous. In addition, more abrupt shifts between lengths can be gained with the temple fades. For instance, to create a faded twist you need to apply some styling product to the lengths and the sides, then brush the hair on the sides close to the scalp and twist the top to the desired twist size. This haircut will suit most part of face shapes and will go better with coarser hair types.

Flattop black boys’ haircut It is a comeback from the golden hip-hop era of the 1980s-1990s. Without any surprise young boys want to look like famous celebrities and athlete stars from NBA that is why they express a desire to sport this gorgeous haircut. To achieve it you need to have the sides cut extremely short and then gradually go to the long top. The Afro texture of the hair is ideal for this trendy haircut.

Undercut black boys’ haircut Cool boys would surely like to wear an undercut with short-sided and longer topped hair. In fact, the top hair can be particularly long, tousled and include asymmetric fringe. The side part requires a very short cut with scissors or razors. You may also create a slanting parting thus adding a new element to the look. Moreover, the undercut will look especially attractive if you give the top hair more volume and shine.

Deep wave black boys’ haircut The haircut impresses everybody by its well-defined edges and lightness of the waves therefore it is so popular with black boys. However, it is quite difficult for styling. You should start with picking or brushing hair depending on its length. To cut the entire head of hair evenly it is recommended to use a number two clipper. To properly cleanse visible or invisible scratches or nick cuts you may use some alcohol spray. Then it is necessary to wash the hair for removing previously shaven hair from head-pat dry hair. After it, you are to put a generous amount of hair wax and make it dissolve into the hair with a hard bristle brush. And here comes the most important thing – applying of a wave builder cap overhead. You are required to leave it in place for 12 hours before removing it. Finally, you may admire these new marvelous waves. It suits all face shapes and coarse hair types.

Short curls black boys’ haircut This haircut represents a combination of two great haircuts – short haircut and natural curls that is why it always looks stylish and hip. To style the haircut you need to apply hair and scalp moisturizer, then put a small amount of curl defining crème and allow the hair to air dry. This haircut is excellent for any shape of face and hair density. There is some styling tip if you want the hairstyle last another day, it is advisable to mist the hair with a bit of water to resuscitate the curls and to reactivate the product.

Tapered Afro haircut for black boys This haircut is great for those who like to have the feeling of a close taper and desire to style the hair out longer but without any efforts or commitments of long hair. While styling it you are supposed to apply some grooming serum throughout the hair and massage it in. Then you just brush the back and sides close to the scalp. Notably, this haircut suits almost all face shapes and goes well with thicker, coarser hair types.

Step 4: Trim the Edges

  • First, switch to your trimmer. Trim the nape of his neck and the slope down from the ears. I like a nice square neckline, but you could also taper it in.
  • Take your scissors and (very carefully!) trim around the ears. If you prefer, you can hold your trimmers at an angle to do a quick buzz around the ears.

All done! Looking good, little man.

14. Simple and Sophisticated Little Boy Haircuts


Perhaps you prefer a sense of simplicity and sophistication. If so, check out this short and simple haircut, which might just be a great option for your little man! Cut his hair medium-length, adding a fringe or front bangs to the haircut. It’s all about leaving things simple when it comes to this hair, as it will provide a refined elegance!

8. Short and Cute Great Haircuts for Little Boys


Here is another great haircut for little boys! It’s short and cute, making it a great first, proper haircut for your son! Cut his hair short, leave the top in a few messy layers, which are still short enough to stick up into the air. This short haircut has a messy vibe to it, which is perfect for a little boy! After all, young kids love playing around in the garden and chasing each other in a game of tag. So this haircut will be great for your kid if he loves to have a lot of fun!

#1. Faded hairstyle with side-part

The faded hairstyle with a side part is one of the cutest ways to style your toddler’s hair. It stays put for a long time and thereby, there’s much less chance of them messing it up. It’s quite easy to get too.

How to get it: Neatly trim off the hair such that there is a light fade starting off from a little lower on the scalp. Use a gel preferably to make the side part and comb it neatly. Your shiny little scout is ready to go!

Gliden Tree Baby and Kids Moisturizing Cream:

About the Product:

This is especially whipped pomade for babies, toddlers and children. It helps structure your baby’s hair while protecting it from the harmful toxins present in the environment. This product is rich in antioxidants and provides a hold which is flexible and a finish that is matte. This is safe for use on skin of children, toddles and babies. This product has been tested by a paediatrician and a dermatologist and is safe for usage by all children.


  • Protection from  harmful toxins
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Safe and gentle
  • Clinically approved


  • Does not provide strong hold, flexible hold

Final Word:

This product for children is made with natural ingredients, like aloe vera gel, Shea butter extracts to hydrate the hair, and also almond oil to provide the hair with the required nourishment. This product has been liked by a few customers while others thought it did not give a strong enough hold.

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How to Cut Toddler Boy Hair with Clippers

Here’s the quick rundown for you. Keep scrolling for more details and photos!

  1. Set up for success!
  2. Buzz the sides, bottom to top.
  3. Trim the top.
  4. Trim the edges.

Young boys’ haircuts

Red dreadlocks haircut for boys If your child has naturally red hair, this haircut is surely for him. To achieve the haircut you need to combine Afro Caribbean texture of the hair with Nordic fine hair and a dreadlock effect will be created. Also, you may use different gloss based styling products.

Devil-lock boys’ haircut The haircut will suit those boys who want to seem grown-ups and tend to look fashionable. For this haircut, the sides and nape must be cut with short layers continuing the hairline in crisp cutting lines. The top and the crown are also layered; however, the lengths progressively increase from the back to the fringe area. By the way, the layers must be razor-cut and leave soft and edgy finish. To style the haircut you may apply a blow dryer with some wax-based styling product.

Short spiky boys’ haircut The haircut demonstrates short layers to a great extent textured with deep razor touch. Then these needle-like locks are randomized all over the head creating controlled chaos. The sides must be cut extremely short, usually with clippers, whilst the top part is left rather longer approximately 2.5-3.5 inches. If you like to design deep sweeps from the inside out and create wispy light tendrils, use the razor tool when the base cut is finished.

Shag boys’ haircut This is an explicit comeback from the mid-1970s into our days. The most exciting thing about it is that even young boys can take pleasure in this vintage look. The layered cut is created using a razor tool whilst the whole length reaches the chin area. Speaking about the interior of the hair, it must be considerably layered with jerky texture. The fringe should be wispy and extremely soft. Styling of this boys’ haircut requires a blow dryer with a small barrel round brush and some firm hold styling product to gorgeously turn out the ends of the locks.

Little rebel haircut for boys The haircut is ideal for young heartbreakers. The tender age of the wearer and modernized look in combination with many volumes and little pomade distinguish this extraordinary haircut. To achieve the style you need to leave the top hair longer than the sides. Then using a blow dryer and a round brush you lift up the top hair. If needed, you may apply some light gel or mousse.

Heartthrob fringe boys’ haircut The style of Justin Bieber gave a great opportunity for young boys to show them off. A long fringe will surely draw everybody’s attention to the wearer’s eyes. The sides of this haircut must be short, not covering the ears. Also, there is a slight graduation in the neck area. The length of the top hair must be enough to touch the tip of the ears on the sides and the eyebrows in the front.

Little rascal haircut for boys This is the greatest solution for those boys whose hair is thick and coarse. In this haircut, it is chopped all around the head at the same length and the tips are roughly textured. It allows highlighting the playful side of the hair. In addition, such haircut can be easily styled, just with fingers.

Medium long haircut for sporty boys With this haircut, your boy will not look like anybody else. The haircut features the style between short and long in a combination of low maintenance. Much texture in the tips and layers preserve the weight on the headlight. Also, the side-parted look is added by a deep fringe.

Rocker haircut for boys If your child wants to be a rock star, give him that chance with a new haircut. It features layered cut, short-cropped sides, long length top hair with much longer strands in the neck area. The fringe must be short enough not to fall down into the eyes as well as the ears must be exposed. Such things as rugged textures, jagged edges and a variety of lengths bring a lot of rhythm to this haircut. By the way, it is quite easily styled – the top hair may be tousled and combed in various directions.

Mullet haircut for boys These haircuts are popular among not only men but also young boys. The main elements of the haircut consist of a long back and short front whilst the new mullets can be a bit toned down. The hair is textured throughout the head together with the layers that keep locks light and make it easier to care for. Shoulder length strands in the back make this haircut stand out among other young boy haircuts. It is quite a low maintenance haircut and therefore not only fashionable but rather practical.

Fauxhawk haircut for boys The haircut slightly resembles the famous Mohawk as there is still a long strip that goes down the center of the head. However, in this haircut, it is framed by gradient lengths to oppose a shift from length to the shaved scalp. As for the sides and back they can be cut as short as you wish, moreover the whole hair may be styled down if you prefer a more modest look to have. Depending on how short you desire the sides and back to be this haircut can be executed with a combination of scissors and clippers or simply with scissors. If you cut the tapers on each side of the crown and top evenly, you will get a good ridge down the center. To ensure a balanced cut and to gauge the evenness you may use the fingers to hold the hair up on each side.

Pageboy haircut for boys The name of the haircut is derived from the traditional haircut of an English page boy. In fact, originally it was a woman’s hairstyle with shoulder-length rolled under the ends hair. These days such haircut can be seen on fashionable young boys. Moreover, different variations emphasizing various elements are possible. It can have bangs with blunt cut edges which don’t angle upwards very much. Usually, this haircut does not have the short trimmed neck underneath the top hair. It better goes with thick and straight hair creating a perfect geometric cap and thus enhancing the face through a lovely frame.


Running Wild: 10+ Tousled and Stylishly Disheveled Hairstyles You Should TryAfter all, you’re not just all work and no play